South Fork Visitor Center is offering free trees

SOUTH FORK — The South Fork Visitor Center is offering free tree saplings to interested parties in the next week and will have more as summer approaches.

According to South Fork Visitor Center Director Mark Teders the first batch of young trees will be Ponderosa Pines and each person can have up to five trees.

“We will be receiving our first batch of trees hopefully by the end of this week but ask those interested to call before coming by to pick up their trees,” Teders said. “We are strongly encouraging donations for the young trees to help with future events and are happy to give more trees to people once everyone has had their chance to get their limit.”

Ponderosa Pines are native to the South Fork area and are easy to care for compared to other species of trees. For more information, call Teders at 719-873-5512. 


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