Statement from Sen. Crowder

DENVER — Sen. Larry Crowder submitted the following regarding the happenings at the state capital.

April 26

HB-1262 — all day Kindergarten up on third and final reading today and expected to pass. Quite a few schools in the state already offer this and it is up to local school boards to offer. $175 one-time monies offered to implement. I will be in support of this since this would help working families.

HB-1210 — allows local governments to establish minimum wage. As of 1/01/2020 minimum wage will be $12 per hour, and tipped wage will be $8.98. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. Either a city or county could control minimum wage in excess of state wage, but not below state or federal limits. Certain parts of the state could benefit from this, but I also see ways to corrupt this system as a person could offer a higher wage for platform in running for political office without having the demographics correct. Unsustainable growth in certain areas while depletion of population in other areas may exist. I will not be in support of this as in southern Colorado we already have a problem retaining our youth to urban areas.

HB-1032 — School Sex Education, will be up for third and final reading, which has a $1.1 million dollar fiscal note. The reason I cannot support this is it promotes abortion and does not endorse abstinence 

HB1257 — De-Bruce’s Tabor at the state level. If passes will be a referendum to the voters this November to authorize that the state retain revenues above Tabor restrictions. It has been over a decade since there has been a rebate to the public and there is a refund slated for next year, and that is why you are seeing this now. There are many counties and cities in the state that have De-Bruced, and people are comfortable with this, but being local, people can keep an eye on this. On a state level, giving more access to state government and relying on legislators to spend wisely is not a good idea so therefore I cannot support this.

SB-077 — Establish a process at Public Utilities Commission (PUC) whereby infrastructure is established for charging electric vehicles on our highways. I realize this is an issue that is the future and I believe we should have a system that would be efficient,

But the problem is for the utility company build the charging stations and have the ratepayers pay for them. This is not quit free market, so therefore I cannot support this bill.


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