Stay tuned

Stay tuned

Sometimes, looking at what’s happening around one makes national news appear to be another Bourne complication.

Seriously, there are winners and there are losers, no matter what the contest.

I have been on both sides and feel losers should go to a warm corner, lick the wounds, work out and try again.

The only people who will profit nationally are the attorneys. I don’t what fee Giuliani charges, but I’d like to examine his thought processes.

Not “bashing” anyone involved, it seems many activists are acting badly, including playing games with COVID-19. Yes, it’s awful, yes, people get sick and some die, but it shouldn’t be a political issue. The president may have made it so to boost his ratings, but perhaps we have put too many eggs in his basket. It’s up to Congress to deal with it and I believe they can do so when politics are sprayed with bleach and washed away.

Across the board. Whatever happened to shaking hands and going forward, maybe not believing the best person won, but since that seems to be the way it went, the people of our nation deserve to move smoothly through the upcoming holiday time.

Everyone interviewed on TV has written a book or had someone write it for him or her.

I can’t afford all of them, selling at around $30 a copy, and the rate they’re coming in certainly gives the idle wealthy something to do, now that the check-out counter tabloids have become bored with British royalty, the latest celebrity break-up and who is going to jail to die.

A friend of mine once said of the Mueller Report: “You buy it and I will borrow it from you.”

I think that pertains to all the volumes pouring like an avalanche onto the shelves. I didn’t buy it, knowing the TV pundits would eventually read it to us all.

As my oldest son once said of a series of C-Ds, don’t send them any money, wait about six months an you can buy them at a thrift store for $10.

He lives in Pueblo, there’s lots to choose from.

I told a friend yesterday morning that each day makes me more grateful to live in the San Luis Valley, where distancing is natural, there are few bars which offer dancing and the statistics are generally lower than even the state average.

We live more in fear of crime than illness, for the most part. If a guy nicknamed “Psycho” is suspected of homicide and is running among us, we may consider him innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, we just want him to be where he won’t interreact with any of us.

It’s sort of like that in the nation’s capital. We don’t know who’s actually guilty of what, but our faith in the rule of law is wobbling like a rotten egg whirled on the kitchen counter and we half hope it won’t fall off and break open.

The other half wants it to splatter, spilling secrets everywhere and putting the ugly stench of today’s politics where it can be cleaned up.

I grew up in a politically aware family and wondered one night when sleep was difficult what the dinner table impression would be.

I heard my grandfather’s voice whisper, “I voted.”

So did I, but I never believed anyone would dispute ballots in other states.

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. I still believe every vote is cast in good faith and carries with it our power as We, The People.

Stay tuned.