Still Waters: Because of her

My mother raised four children, three daughters and a son. The three sisters have always been close and supportive of each other. My mother commented that one of the reasons we get along so well is because our personalities complement each other. We are fortunate, and I am so grateful, that the three of us are friends. My mother and my sisters are my best friends, and I thank God they are all still in my life and still in this world to bless it with their presence. I know my sisters and mother make my world so much better by their friendship, support, love and wisdom.

Mother’s Day is always a dual celebration with us because mamma’s birthday is May 11. Every year is even more meaningful to me as we all get older. Every moment we still have together is precious.

Mamma’s three daughters can credit the women they have become, in large measure, to the mother who encouraged us to be who we are.

Because we had a mother who didn’t care if there was flour on her kitchen floor, we learned to bake.

Because we had a mother who saw the artists in our souls, we learned to create, some of us with words, others with designs.

Because we had a mother who realized we were not the same, and the “odd man out” wasn’t the worst position to be in, we learned to be unique and accept that as a gift.

Because we had a mother who also embraced the individual uniqueness of others, we did too. Mamma always said she collected peculiar people, and her collection has made life so much more interesting for all of us.

Because we had a mother who pointed us to “the road less traveled,” we have each encountered amazing adventures in our journeys on that “less traveled” road.

Because we had a mother who gave of herself and the few possessions she earned along the way, we have learned to be generous.

Because we had a mother who had questions but still believed, we developed a faith that remained strong under pressure.

Because we had a mother who admitted she wasn’t perfect, we didn’t have to be either. The wounds of life have given us scars that remind us we did survive and can again.

Because we had a mother who showed us how much we needed a Savior, we encountered grace.

Because we had a mother who reminded us this wasn’t all there was, we had hope.

Because we had OUR mother, we knew we were loved.