Still Waters: Letter from Clem

(Ya mite wanna reed this won owt lowd.)

Hard to beelev its time for lexuns agin, huh? Not as xitin as last yeer but still got sum portant stuff, at leest in thez parts. Dont no wat ya got back home.

Biggust thing heer is problee the pot kweschun, if we want it in town or not and if we want it for just medisin or just for fun or both. Its legal in the state now, ya no, gess thats why ya cam owt ta visit this sumr. Sum foks even cam heer to liv cuz of it. Gess yud do that to sept yad mis yur ma to much back home. Yull jist haf to smok yur weeds in the barn, jist not to clos to the hay pile.

Wull, I dont no yet wat Im gunna do on that wun. If it helps sum foks wen ther sik, I sur dont want em to go withowt, but if foks jist want it fur fun, thay can go a foo milz to git it. Dont need it miself but want to bee sponsibil ta uthrs to, ya no. Its wun uv them dilemas, ya no, lik wen ya can only hav wun scoop uv ice creem and hav to chooz tween choclat and choclat chip. Cors thats moor uv a dilema fur me cuz ya no how I like mi ice creem.

Wee dont hav much to chooz bowt candiduts this yeer cuz nun uv the bigguns are up, tho sum candiduts hav alredee nownsd and ar owt hittin the streets, like guvrnr. A littl eerlee I think. Wee do hav sum local foks like skool bord but only wun ras ther cuz I gess nobody wants to run far it, no monee in it. Id run, ya no, if I cud spell better, got ta be a good sampel ya no fur the kids.

And a cupel uv towns got cownsel rases, sum pretti heeted an all. Heer tho foks ar playin pretti nis for most part. Its jist wun uv them dilemas agin, ya no, hooz gonna be the best fur us. Ya got it ezee. Ya jist hav to vot fur yur cuzin evree time.

We dont hav a skool bond kweschun heer but sum foks do in thez parts, and I gess thell do wats best ther. Ya no how portant edyacashun is ta me.

Well Im gittin a hedake frum to much writin at wuns so better rap it up fur now.

Take good care uv yorself, and weel tok reel soon. Dont send any uv thoz tex messajs tho cuz thur spellin on them drives me crazee!

Yur frend