Still Waters: Thank God for His ‘foolish’ love

Atheists might find it amusing that Easter Sunday is April Fools’ Day. Of course God is way ahead of them, because long ago God said, “the fool has said in his heart there is no God.”

It is, however, pretty crazy if not foolish to think that a Creator God of the universe would take this speck of a planet into account when there are presumably so many others that didn’t make the mess of their orb that we have.

But that’s just how God is. We’re far from having the mental capacity to understand God’s thinking, much less His actions.

We can just be eternally grateful for them. Why God didn’t wipe this little smear off the windshield of the universe and get on with other perfect creations is beyond me.

I doubt we were worth the trouble. That’s just it, though, isn’t it? Our worth is not on us or in us or because of us. Our value is because of Him, the One who traded His life for ours. That is what makes us valuable.

It doesn’t make sense. It’s crazy. It’s incomprehensible.

But it’s true. And if it isn’t true, then there’s really no hope, and the fools can have their day on Easter Sunday and every other day because “if that’s all there is, then keep on dancing.”

I choose to believe the cross. I choose to believe that no matter how ridiculously absurd it might be that a Creator God would die for me, He did. I choose to believe that I am not a cruel joke but am designed as a unique creation by the same God who gave birds wings and elephants trunks, who set every sunrise in place and measured every teaspoon of sand on the beach.

He has timed every breath I have taken, and He drew His last breath on the cross for me.

As He died through a love I will never understand and arose through a power I will never comprehend, I too can hope for a life unending and beautiful.

So on April Fools’ Day I will embrace the extravagant love lavished on a fool such as I — and be forever grateful.