Still Waters: Thank you, Calvary Bible Chapel ‘girls’

Thirty years. That’s how long the ladies at Calvary Bible Chapel have been hosting women’s conferences in their Alamosa church. I think the only person who has attended all 30 conferences is Kay Jones, the pastor’s wife and one of the quiet leaders of this wonderful annual event. She is so faithful and dedicated.

I don’t know how many I have attended, but I try not to miss them, and usually my mother and at least one of my sisters is able to attend as well. We appreciate so much the effort and dedication of the Calvary Bible Chapel ladies who provide this spiritual feast for us. They also whip up a bunch of goodies for a physical feast each year with cookies and breads and other items, in addition to a wonderful San Luis Valley potato lunch.

The presenter this year was Linda Evans Shepherd of Longmont (and originally from Texas.) Her faith was genuine, and it was obvious she is allowing God to work through her. One of the main points that stuck with me is that every life has a purpose, not a new thought or belief to me but reinforced by her message and her personal story.

Her daughter was injured in a vehicle accident when she was just a baby and after coming out of a coma was severely disabled for the rest of her life. She could not talk or do many things, but she communicated in her own way. She passed away not long ago, and her mother talked about the heavenly reunion that is sure to come when her daughter will be healed and whole.

But her daughter had a purpose during her life as well, Linda said. It was to love and be loved. It could not have been easy caring for a child who was so limited in what she could do and so dependent on others, but it sounded like there was still a great deal of love and laughter in the home.

Everyone has a purpose, even if it is teach the rest of us how to love more or to be more patient.

My little sister was not able to come to the conference, but my older sister and mother were here. While we attended the conference, my father and brother-in-law went to church and went to the free planetarium shows at Adams State Saturday afternoon. On Sunday before they left, we drove up to Rock Creek and enjoyed the autumn colors, the fresh fall air and the solitude of the mountains. It was a perfect day.

Every moment with those we love is so precious, and I take none of them for granted.

Every life, like every moment, has purpose and meaning in Him who designed us and loves each one of us more than life.