Still Waters: Thanksgiving prayer

Thank you, God,

For life and the opportunities each day provides, especially when we are open to your leading in our lives. May we hear your voice, feel your gentle nudging and respond in a manner that brings you glory.

For family, as each moment is so precious with those we love, and for many, those moments are now only memories. Help us to cherish those moments while we can.

For those non-human creatures who add richness and joy to our lives, who love us as you do, without conditions or prerequisites, and in that way perhaps more than any other reveal your love to us in tangible form.

For those among us who quietly work towards peace, mercy and grace, for it may not be the loudest voice that carries the most important message. It may be those who perform their everyday tasks with kindness, generosity and love.

For humor, both within and outside of ourselves, for times of outright laughter and subtle smiles, for giving us the capacity to appreciate and embrace the absurdities around us.

For grace, both from you and through you, given to us to pass on to others. May we always share with others the grace we have received from you. May we always view others, even and especially those unlike us, through your eyes and with your vision, mercy and grace.

For health, whether enjoyed or endured, whether full or meager, whether robust or weak, whether pain free or painful … Use both as a teacher in our lives.

For what we have that keeps us warm, sheltered, safe and fed. May we never take these physical blessings for granted, and may we always be prompted to share them with those who have less.

For work and the chance to accomplish something meaningful every day, for the opportunity to use the diverse talents and skills you have given us, separately and together, to improve and benefit the world.

For music and art, for naptimes and sunshine on cold days, for blue skies and rain, for beaches and ski slopes, for azure and amber, for petunias and orchids, for icicles and bonfires, for rainbows and sunsets, for creeks and oceans, for shade and frost, for silence and symphonies, for raspberries and ice cream, green beans and potatoes … for so many serendipities we could never live long enough to name them all.

For your love, persistent and patient, never giving up on us, never leaving us without hope. You provide so much more, but if we had nothing else, this would be all we need — to be loved by you.