Still Waters: The Rock is still there

Teresa Arlene Pointer (now Teresa Sales), whose family called her Arlene while growing up, had a tender heart for God early on in her life, even when most of her family at the time did not. She went to church with her grandmother when she could. The day she was baptized, her mother found out and caused a scene at the church.

Life was not easy then and has not been easy in many ways and many times since.

Her faith gave her comfort and strength as a young woman and continues to do so as she celebrates 84 years of life on her birthday today.

One of mamma’s special memories as a young woman was attending a Christian youth camp. She soaked up the spiritual messages and atmosphere in that special Wyoming retreat.

Although she enjoyed time with fellow Christians during that summer camp, she also spent time alone in prayer and soul searching. She had a special place she went to have a special time with God, just the two of them. There was a rock there where she prayed and felt God’s presence close to her.

Recently, as she was talking about how the cancer diagnosis last November has affected her, she said she wondered if the rock was still there. She said she especially needed to feel that closeness again, like she had when she went to her special rock sanctuary in that Wyoming summer camp.

And God came close to her again, as He did then and as He has so many times since. He touched the tender heart of a young woman who surrendered and dedicated her life to serving God, and today he still touches the heart of the special child He loves so much.

Whatever the future holds now, He is still there, holding Teresa Arlene close.

The rock is still there, mamma.

The Rock is still there.