Students create interactive robotic display in Porter Hall

Sliding back the glass from the Porter Hall display case, Jennifer Weeks, second from left, instructs the humanoid robot to dance. After telling the audience “they will be impressed,” the robot begins a series of smooth moves, much to the delight of Weeks and fellow Adams State University students Robert Copley, and Kahlee Alexander, along with Dr. Comfort Cover, and President Dr. Beverlee J. McClure. The students designed the interactive robotic display as part of a final project for Cover’s, assistant professor of management information systems, IT 445 class. “I learned how to apply technologies and how they can intermingle with each other,” Copley said. The case includes an interactive RaspberryPi game system which will implement the RetroPi software. The display also houses a digital signage display, which will promote activities happening within the Computer Science and Information Technology Program./Photo courtesy of ASU