Thanks to Redding for water work

Several years ago Carol Redding organized a trip to the Roaring Fork River area to receive information which concerned the river restoration on the Roaring Fork River.

Eight of us traveled to the Roaring Fork area and met with ranchers, members of the town of Hotchkiss and others that were interested in improving the Roaring Fork River’s water delivery system.

This was very educational in addressing the problems which concerned the river’s ability to deliver water by the working together of ranchers, the Hotchkiss officials and others with an interest in improving the river by flood control, legal river water delivery, other legal issues and such problems of the Roaring Fork.

Carol Redding and the San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District then laid out a plan, with other water experts, which called for meetings in South Fork, Del Norte, Monte Vista, Alamosa and ranchers and those with residences along the Rio Grande River.

The succeeding managers, and the board of directors of the San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District have continued and do continue working on the improvement of the Rio Grande River, which has been improved, and will continue to do a better job of delivering legal water to the ditch companies and to New Mexico and to Texas.

Carol Redding was the one organizer that started working on these problems, and I feel that Carol Redding deserves a big “Thank You.”

Bob Felmlee