The Crazy Corner Cafe opens in Alamosa

The Crazy Corner Cafe is located at 823 Eighth Street in Alamosa./Courier photo by Helen Smith

ALAMOSA — The Crazy Corner Cafe is a family affair.

As one of the newly opened restaurants in the area, it is already seeing a significant amount of business. Marcello Martinez is the proprietor along with his wife, Nancy and in-laws Alecia and Carlos.

After operating a “taco truck,” for four years, the family decided it was time for a permanent establishment. When the building at 823 8th St. in Alamosa became available, they seized the opportunity to utilize it.

Martinez also pointed out that his father-in-law Carlos has 20 years of experience as a cook and is in charge of the kitchen. The rest of the family pitches in where needed. Sometimes, even the children get in on the action.

The cafe serves a full menu of Mexican/American cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Martinez says with a smile, “If you want a burger for breakfast or pancakes for dinner, I’m fine with that. That’s why we’re the Crazy Corner.”


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