The Narrow Gauge Bookstore is back on track

ALAMOSA — The Narrow Gauge Book Cooperative (Co-Op) is pleased to announce that sufficient funds were raised to re-open the bookstore as a cooperative. 

With many thanks to a cadre of dedicated and visionary volunteers, and to a community that clearly has a passion for books and reading, the Co-Op now has 69 owners and 27 members. Thanks go to the community business support, which includes Alamosa State Bank, San Luis Valley Local Food Coalition, Square Peg, Valley Courier, and Zepol Media Partners. This financial support will provide the funds needed to move forward and start buying inventory, etc. The bookstore aims to open in late July.

The intent of the Co-Op is to create a community setting that nurtures a sharing of culture and knowledge and promotes learning and awareness. New books? Check. Used books? Check. A kid’s corner, work stations and comfortable reading chairs? Check and check! Additionally, the bookstore will sell local products such as cards, honey and such.

June has kept the board members and volunteers of the Narrow Gauge Book Cooperative busy with all the final details of the re-opening of the bookstore, slated for late July. In addition to meeting weekly, each board member is also a leader of one of many volunteer committees, including the curation committee, which decides which books to sell; the events committee, which is currently planning the grand opening and monthly events for the year; the marketing committee, which works to get the word out on the bookstore and its progress; and the volunteer committee, which compiles a list of eager volunteers ready to help. The bookstore will be managed by one paid staff and volunteers will fill out the needed staff positions. 

Leading the group is Marlena Antonucci, who arrived in Alamosa a year ago as an AmeriCorp volunteer. Full of energy and good ideas, she is a natural at community engagement. Other officers include Vice-President Angela Haynie, Secretary Brandon Cox, and Treasurer Cathy Morin.  Scott Tate, Jeff Owsley, Katherine Lewis and Patti Lara have all agreed to add their expertise to make this board a strong one.

To be part of this remarkable effort visit the website, for more on how to become a member and/or an owner.  To volunteer for a committee or to work at the bookstore, please contact Marlena at 727 254-3304.  Those who have used books in good condition to donate, please call Marlena or drop the books off at the Local Food Coalition office at 412 State Street. A wish list is coming soon to the website.

Caption: The Narrow Gauge Book Cooperative Board are from left Brandon Cox, Jeff Owsley, guest appearance by Rocco, Marlena Antonucci,  and Katherine Lewis. Missing board members include Patti Lara and Cathy Morin./Courtesy photo


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