There’s holidays galore

ALAMOSA — There are still a few obscure holidays left in 2019.

Christmas is over and New Year’s is on the way. In the meantime, Dec. 28 is National Call a Friend Day!

Between the stress of work, the needs of one’s family and ensuring a little time for oneself, life can get very hectic.

National Call a Friend Day reminds everyone to take a few minutes, pick up the phone, call that friend and get back in touch for a visit.

Technology can unite more than ever before.

When it comes to the Internet, distance, time zones, or how much money you have in the bank are not an obstacle to communication. With the holiday season rapidly drawing to a close, make an effort on Dec. 28 to reach out with a phone call and connect, voice to voice, with a friend.

Sunday, Dec. 29, is National Still Need to Do Day.

With the Christmas rush over, there should be a feeling of calm.

However, there is one task that is still unfinished. This day is for such tasks.

Folks across the country will use what remaining time they have in the year to make some final checks on their year-long “to do” list.

Consider what can get done in 24 hours this Dec. 29. Some of the observances of National Still Need to Do Day, include gathering family to complete a central task and completing a chore with the help of a video tutorial.

Finally, before the excitement of New Year’s Eve takes hold, there is National Bacon Day on Dec. 30.

The versatile and greasy food is a favorite of many Americans. The holiday celebrates the enjoyment of the many ways this popular meat is served.

Some of the ways that National Bacon Day is observed, include ordering bacon-covered pizza, eating bacon-sprinkled donuts, and eating bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

There is still plenty to celebrate this week, so get out and do so.


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