To the Editor,

To the Editor,

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer in a very snarky manner asserts that Republicans, albeit supporters of President Trump, prefer not tot accept facts and science. He expresses hope that these supporters will, in his words, “reattach their brains to their spinal cords” once Donald Trump has left the White House.

As a volunteer in the SLV Republican office over the past several months, I have talked with many folks who visited the office as well as many folks out in the community. I can assure this writer that supporters of Donald Trump do understand and accept verifiable facts regarding the accomplishments of our 45th president. They know that the economy was booming prior to the pandemic. They know that the unemployment rate for our African-American and Latino workers was at the lowest rate in 50 years. Small businesses were thriving due to the reduction in strangling regulations. They know that tax rates were lowed, and that they received welcomed increases in the standard tax deductions. They know that the US was not engaged in a new foreign war. Efforts were being made to end our involvement in Afghanistan. They know that many, many businesses and jobs were returned to US soil. Unfair trade agreements were renegotiated. NATO countries will finally pay their fair share of funds necessary to maintain that organization. These supporters know that he brokered four Middle East peace accords.

These supporters of President Trump also expressed many concerns. At the top of their list was the return of the economy. They were concerned for the small businesses that make up Main Street America. They are greatly concerned that the rioting and looting and destruction to our cities by anti-American groups was met by calls to defund law enforcement. They saw what havoc China wrecked upon the world with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and fear what could come next. How will future saber rattling by the North Korean government be dealt with? Of great concern is the visible lack of physical and mental stamina of the person who hopes to unseat our current president. How long will the media be able to hide the progression of his infirmities? Many fear attacks on our civil liberties as the result of radical leftist agendas. In response to the anger and division they currently observe among our citizens, they often reply with a solemn facial expression and the words, “I am so concerned for my children and grandchildren and worry about the future of our country.” One young man I visited with expressed his disgust at watching Nancy Pelosi display such anger and disrespect by so deliberately tearing up the printed copy of the State of the Union address.

Supporters of Donald Trump expressed gratitude for his support of the common working person. These are the people who don’t have the luxury of working from home. They get up every morning, put on their uniforms or work clothes, roll up their sleeves and put in a long hard day. They feel like the Democrat Party, once the party of the common working man and woman, has abandoned them by either pandering to or seeking the support of the cultural elite, millionaire Hollywood and sports celebrities, big tech, the multinational corporations, and the mainstream media.

My conversation with the last visitor of the day in the late afternoon of November 3rd, ended with his grave concerns that there would be election irregularities and voter fraud. That is yet to be determined. For the sake of the republic and the confidence of our citizens in the integrity of the election process, let us all expect that verifiable facts and truth will prevail.

Susan Robinson, Alamosa