Trail of Thoughts: Be there

Being able to accomplish something is a good feeling. Accomplishments can be anything from the small to the monumental. One thing that they all have in common is that they did not happen without a great deal of support from others. I have heard countless stories of how those who are given a platform give recognition to those who have been there for them. The truth is that dreams are almost never realized without help along the way. The reality is that we as humans are not meant to “go it alone.” This is true not only for those in the spotlight, but in everyday life.

I see nothing wrong with admitting that you had help. In fact, having those you can count on is blessing. This is the time of year that family and friends seem to become even more important. I know that I am certainly grateful for the family and friends that I have.

Not only, do we as individuals need support, it is important that we be there for others as well. Just being a listening ear is all someone may need. It does not have to be huge. After all, tiny things can add up. I can’t explain it, but helping others is something that can do a person good. There are many ways to make a difference. However, being there for someone can be an excellent place to start.