Trail of Thoughts: Motivation

“Find something that motivates you!” I have heard this phrase on numerous occasions and found it to be rather true. To me it is blunt reminder that having purpose is a key ingredient for life.

While there are certainly things that can cause one to instantly spring into action, finding motivation is not always an instantaneous thing. Motivation can also come over time as a person finds what they are truly passionate about. In some cases, it becomes a quest that can last for a lifetime.

There is one thing that is certain: motivation can be a very powerful tool if it is utilized. In fact, a collection of individuals with motivation can become a force for change. As long as motivation is used for positive and wholesome purposes, it is a very good thing. Things simply don’t happen without motivation. As with most worthwhile things, it is not something that always comes easy.

I maintain that life is about the choices we make and the idea of motivation is certainly no different. While it not often an easy choice, it is usually a needed one. Just think where this world would be without those who display motivation! In my experience, I have been blessed to have many motivated individuals as mentors and I hope to follow their example.