Treasurer Payne seeks re-election

CREEDE — Patti Payne, has announced her candidacy for re-election to the office of Mineral County treasurer/public trustee.

Payne has called Creede home for 48 years. In November of 1998, she was elected to the position of Mineral County treasurer/public trustee and has proudly served the county in this position for 20 years. During her tenure, she has maintained an unprecedented 99.7 percent collection rate on property taxes.

As Mineral County treasurer, Payne is responsible for the collection, custody and distribution of county funds. Statutory obligations also include the investment of county funds. The treasurer’s office is responsible for maintaining the records and reconciliation of all county financial payments issued and received. In addition to treasurer duties, Payne serves as the Mineral County public trustee. In that capacity she is responsible for all foreclosures filed in Mineral County, as well as for processing all releases of deeds of trust.

Payne earned her Colorado County Treasurer Certification through Mesa State College in Grand Junction and maintains her certification through ongoing seminars and conferences. As treasurer/public trustee she strives to keep up-to-date on new technologies and is proficient at filing foreclosures and E-recording releases of deeds of trust electronically. In a major step forward, the treasurer’s office began accepting online payments in 2017.

Payne has been honored to serve the people of Mineral County for the past 20 years and would be proud to continue her service.