Treasurer Widhalm will not seek re-election

ALAMOSA — Alamosa County Treasurer and Public Trustee Lois Widhalm announced Wednesday that she will not seek re-election for a fourth term.

Widhalm was appointed to the position in 2005 and ran for the office in the 2006 election. She will complete her third term in December 2018.

Many changes have been made in the office of the treasurer and public trustee during her tenure. There have been improvements in the options for making tax payments with credit card and electronic checking as options, improving the handling of tax lien sales, and lowering mail expenses for the county.

The Alamosa County website has proven to be a major resource for general information and for tax lien sale information.

In 2018, her fiduciary duties will include the collection of certified mill levy revenue of $13,909,448, as approved by the Board of County Commissioners. She will also continue to manage the investments of the county.

As treasurer, Widhalm also serves as Alamosa County Public Trustee. She has been active in the Colorado Treasurer’s Association and Public Trustee Association of Colorado and serves as co-chair of the State Certification Program. She is recognized as a certified Treasurer and Public Trustee in the State of Colorado.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve this great county and thank all of the citizens for their support and look forward to a productive 2018,” she said.