U.S. District Court filing says Colorado Mushroom Farm is closed

The Colorado Mushroom Farm, located in Alamosa, has reportedly closed its operations. This, according to a United States District Court filing form Sept. 7. File photo

ALAMOSA — According to a filing with the United States District Court from Sept. 7, the Colorado Mushroom Farm has reportedly closed.

During a status conference held on Sept. 7, Judge Maritza Dominguez Braswell inquired about the resolution of the $137,000 that the farm owed to the United States Department of Agriculture Mushroom Council.

“The parties inform the Court that Defendant has gone out of business but that both sides intend to move forward within the discovery process and are amenable to resuming settlement discussion at a later time,” the filing read.

A lawsuit was filed against the farm on March 8. The suit alleged that the farm owed $137,000 to the USDA program.

According to the suit, the mushroom farm allegedly failed to pay 26 monthly installments from September 2017 to December 2019.

The USDA filed an administrative complaint in 2020 regarding the debt owed by the farm. The farm did not file an answer to the complaint as required by USDA rules, according to the suit.

The attorney representing the farm, James Scherer said he was “not authorized to give any information” at this time.

The Valley Courier was unable to reach the owner of the farm, Jaspeet Nanda.

The Courier also called the Colorado Mushroom Farm and received a busy tone.

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