U.S. DOE review results in $84,000 liability to Adams State

ALAMOSA — A U.S. Department of Education program review of Adams State University’s Title IV funding over a 10-year period has resulted in Adams State having to return $84,351 in federal student aid.

The review focused on all federal aid administered by Adams State from 2007 through 2018, a period during which Adams State processed more than $377 million in student aid. The funds that will be returned stem from a lack of internal control in processing student credit balance refunds, and Adams State has corrected and addressed the processes related to the findings.

 The U.S. Department of Education review also looked at Adams State’s compliance with the federal Clery Act and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, which require colleges to file comprehensive campus crime statistics on an annual basis and to develop a comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse prevention program for students.

Adams State was found to be in non-compliance on two findings related to the Clery Act and Drug-Free Schools Act: An incomplete annual security report in 2013, and failure to develop and implement a comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse prevention program.

Since 2013, Adams State has added a Clery Act compliance officer and taken other steps to strengthen its federal reporting requirements. Adams State has addressed both findings and the Department of Education has accepted the University’s response and considers the findings closed. The Clery Act and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act findings do not result in any financial liabilities to the University.

 “Adams State takes seriously how it administers federal student aid,” said Adams State Director of Financial Aid Phil Schroeder. “We work diligently to ensure full compliance with all federal and state regulations and have addressed the issues identified in the program review.”

A copy of the DOE Title IV report is available at www.adams.edu.