UU's welcome Dr. Ketchin this week

ALAMOSA — The Unitarian Universal Fellowship in Alamosa welcomes Forrest Ketchin, PhD., retired professor at the Naropa Institute, as she makes a presentation entitled, “Time in the Round: The Sacred Present in a Sacred Land.” She will be focusing on a world view in which there is no separation between humans and the land.

Dr. Ketchin previously spoke to UU about Culturally Modified Trees--tree that were modified by Indians as part of their cultural ceremonies. Her research on this topic has expanded to now include the current theme of a world view in which humans and the land they inhabit are one. In this time of environmental destruction and pollution, we have much to learn about such a viewpoint. Please come and join us.  The UUs meet at 10:30 a.m., 330 San Juan Ave. For further information, contact Jan Oen at 719-480-4771.