Valley documentary released

VALLEY—The picturesque San Luis Valley is located in the heart of Southern Colorado. The resident in the San Luis Valley are decedents of the Spanish conquistadores whose families have lived here for hundreds of years.

The community’s rich cultural traditions have been passed on from generation to generation. In the town of San Luis, the community joined arms together with the help of Fr. Pat Valdez and Huberto Maestas, a renowned sculptor, who designed the bronze statues that are now part of the Stations of the Cross Shrine. San Luis Valley is also the location of the oldest Catholic Church in Colorado.

In the documentary, "Spirituality and Its People” El Valle de San Luis," viewers will see and experience the rich spiritual and cultural traditions of the people of the San Luis Valley. It is now available at

Experience the faith and traditions within the Hispanic Catholic communities of Colorado’s beautiful San Luis Valley.

To view the trailer for "Spirituality and Its People” El Valle de San Luis” please go to