Valley Gardening: A nice flowerbed is a living piece of art

By the time you read this, I will be running the race for Jeff Woodward—JUST KIDDING! I will be in Cole Park with Peyton’s stand, serving coffee to all the wonderful people in our community who will be supporting the Woodward Family. And there will be many, I’m sure! If you are reading the paper early, and feel like making a donation, please come down to the north end of the park. Any donation, small or large, adds up….and it means that you are thinking of Jeff, as he fights this brutal and courageous battle with cancer. Thank you one and all.

Haven’t seen Peyton for a few days because he followed his younger brother, Landon, to a baseball camp in Denver. I have never seen a kid play more baseball than Landy—by himself, or with anyone who will hit or throw a ball. Landon’s name was on the big sign at the Colorado Rockies game and that was really cool to see. Way to go, Landon.

Peyton has been making cards as much as his energy allows. His Mom Sheila worked up the insert this week and took it to Melanie at Main Copy Source. She got it all set up and ready to print on the Vellum provided by Sally at Papers of Distinction. Mel’s copier didn’t do a great job on the Vellum, so she emailed the PDF to O & V printing who finished the job in a couple of hours. That’s why I live in a small town. It’s the exact reason why!

I got some help from Brandon Jones this week in Mom’s Garden—YAHOO! He has been helping to dig some of that blue/grey grass up that has spread so obnoxiously. He also helped with knocking the weeds down on the north end so that the folks from John Deere/US Tractor can help loosen the soil and then I can rototill. Gardening is such a process! And it shouldn’t be rushed. A nice flowerbed is a living piece of art, in my silly mind.

As I worked in the garden a week or so ago, I can tell you I was pretty excited to see about 20 worms.  This means the soil is starting to become alive again. So wonderful. Remember, my life is somewhat boring, and I am easily excited.

Before I forget, I did get a “locate” in the area so I would not dig any cables up, etc. Talk about a process.  But it only took two days so we are almost ready to go. If you need a “locate” call 811 and answer a bajillion questions—but worth it, to be safe.

After I get the soil tilled, I will have Brandon help me move the rocks from the back of the flowerbed to the front. When I think of all the rock I brought in for that CDOT job, I wish I had kept more of it to finish out this bed. Hindsight!

I will be going kind of slow and easy as I start planting. I need to see what kind of weed seeds are going to germinate that will need to be taken care of. I will be spreading Treflan/Preen and also spraying a seed inhibitor to see which ones works the best. I will start with some shrubs that typically anchor a landscape and then I will plant 30 of the Iris’s I purchased this summer—unknown varieties so your guess is as good as mine. I also need to dig some of the prize Iris in the south side of the garden that have been overtaken by some of the wild roses. 

If that’s not enough, I also get to go to Monte Vista and get some yellow Iris from Linda and Dwayne Weyers. I have coveted those Iris for years, and I mean years. So glad Linda and Dwayne came into the store…and that I wasn’t too shy to ask. Right? This next month is a great time to dig up and divide your Iris. If anyone has some special ones they want to share, please let me know. I am also looking for Peony bushes, if you have any.

Meanwhile, I have had a number of folks come in this week and complain about their aspen trees! They are suckering everywhere—that’s why I hate aspens in a lawn situation. Sooner or later they are a problem! It’s not a question of IF, it’s WHEN! They should NOT be planted in a yard—never. In my humble opinion.