Valley Gardening: All is good in the neighborhood!

I haven’t read the paper the last couple of days…because I didn’t want to see what Becky wrote about my comments at City Council meeting on Wednesday.  I stand by what I said 100 percent!  I believe our police force needs to be paid more money…from starting salaries on up.  Train officers, pay officers and retain officers.  It’s really quite simple (maybe it’s my mind that is simple)!  The men and women on our police force risk their lives every second of their shift.  You don’t need a study to explain this, it’s a fact!  It should be a priority!

Speaking of the City of Alamosa….and money…there is a community meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 28 at 6 p.m. at the Recreation Center.  The City is inviting the community at large to review and comment on the 2020 proposed budget.  I’ve asked questions for at least a couple of years.  I’m trying to remember if I ever received any answers??  Please get active in our community and take a stand—even if you don’t agree with me.  There are very few who attend these meetings.  Are you tired of commenting?  Do you feel decisions are already made and any number of comments won’t make a difference?  I guess I am a slow learner, because I keep trying….PLEASE join me.  If you bring your comments to the store, I will pass them on.

Meanwhile…back to gardening.  With the donation of a rototiller from J and J Rental, I was able to get some tilling done on the North end of Mom’s Garden.  AND…we started planting, with much more planting this weekend.  I could only rototill a section and then started placing the rocks strategically.  Once one pile of rocks is moved, I will borrow the rototiller again, and then move the next pile of rocks.  It’s kind of my personal training session—but you can help if you want.

I want to thank Connie Carpenter for bringing in some pretty fabulous Iris!  I’m thankful and tired at the same time.  Did I ever tell you how much I hate planting Iris?  Years ago Josephine Bowers gave me a pickup load of Iris to plant in City flower beds all over town.  We planted, and planted and planted.  In the end, we were throwing the rhizomes up in the air and wherever they landed, we planted.  I guess we didn’t need a college education to plan a beautiful garden. They sure WERE awesome.

When I say we, I am remembering my old crew of Quinn Gosar, Wanda Andis, Candice Dawson, Sue Schutte, JoAnn Kargyl-Basky and Soupe Patterson (RIP—miss you so much).  We worked so hard, but we also had a lot of fun.  One year, we decided that we weren’t getting enough thanks from the ‘powers at the top’.  We bought different note cards and decided to write our own thank you cards.  We wrote some with our left hand so as to be a little shaky.  We said things like “those girls are so very nice” and “you must be so proud of how hard this crew works” and “your flower girls were so wonderful and helpful” and “your city looks absolutely beautiful, you must be thrilled”, etc.  We then placed the completed cards in larger envelopes and sent them to friends all over the country, to be sent back to Alamosa.

Now…the rest of the story goes like this---we signed those cards like this:  Mary E. Gold, Del E. Finium, Ima Larkspur, Al Lyssum, etc.  If you haven’t already guessed, these are the names of flowers-- marigold, delphinium, larkspur and alyssum.  I remember one of the cards hanging on the bulletin board at the old City Hall.  Who knows what happened to the other cards—thrown away??  I’m still getting no thanks—especially for Mom’s Garden, which is sad—oh, well. Thank goodness, folks in the community thank me so much!

That year we also decided to dress up in old prom dresses and take pictures in the flower bed where the train now sits.  Gloriosa Daisies galore—gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!  As long as we were dressed up, we also took pictures with then Chief of Police Roy Orton.  So much fun.  I know I have that picture at home, I just have to find it.  Watch out Roy.  Last but not least, we (either Wanda or Quinn) brought in two goats to ‘mow the lawn’.  Those were the days! The good old days!  We were known as Hose Queens.