Valley Gardening and Stuff


           What a great week!  (Except for the debates, right?)!  The weather continues to be pretty awesome!  Farmers have been able to get back in the fields and get after the harvesting.  Those guys from Rockey Farms even brought me some FRESH dug potatoes—Harvest Moon, Dark Red Norland and a Golden Globe variety.  I am selling the potatoes for .25 each and all monies will help pay for the 2nd phase of my flag project in Veteran Park.

           Veteran’s Park is just south of Papers of Distinction on State Avenue.  One concrete circle planter already has an American flag with a POW flag below and 5 flags representing the branches of the military.  The second circle will hold the thin blue and red stripe flags and police remembrance and fire remembrance flags.  It will also have an EMS flag honoring all first responders.

And the Colorado state flag.  I still need to raise about $1200.00 so if you are so inclined….come in and buy some potatoes!!

           I have been working on this project all summer but what spurred me on this week was receiving 6 twenty dollar bills from someone in Wichita Falls, TX.  Honored to receive the donation, just wish I knew who it was from.  Thankfully they put an address on the envelope so maybe when I send them a thank you, I will figure out the identity.  Let me repeat, I am honored!

           A number of folks have brought in $5.00 to help buy ingredients to kill weeds next spring.  Need to keep that Kenny Rodman busy and out of trouble.

           Heaven gained a joyous, laughing, smiling angel last Sunday morning, when Myrna Swift passed away.  I have no doubt that she is entertaining all her friends and family who passed before her.  You will be missed Myrnabell, a/k/a ‘Speedy’ by the Early Iron Car Club. RIP.

           Did you hear the City of Alamosa is UP $378,000.00 in sales tax revenue, compared to 2019?  Even with a damn pandemic and shutdowns all around.  The city benefits, but I wonder about the businesses that are only allowed to be 50% open, etc.  I, of course, have to wonder if any of that excess will trickle down to LODA (Lower Downtown Alamosa).  Most of the business on the south side stayed open during the entire spring and summer, as essential businesses.  “Don’t be silly, Ruthie” I tell myself…you know better than that!  You know that improvements/beautification in LODA will only be done when the entire downtown is redone.  Maybe 10 years, or more.  Maybe some of that excess will trickle down to Camp Babbling Brook (homeless camp) for improvements down there—like cable TV, heated porta-johns for the winter, etc.

Can you tell I get a little (lot) bitter at times?

           I actually get bitter when I think of 4 city councilors who ‘represent’ my area.  The councilors are from 2 separate wards and 2 represent Alamosa at large, and that includes, LODA.  Don’t trust me, go around to my neighbors and fellow business owners, and ask them how many time we have been visited, for a true sit down, about concerns.  I need to shut up and just keep planting flowers—is that what you are thinking?

           Thanks go out to O&V Printing for getting my beautiful yard signs done for Mom’s Garden!  I love them!  The signs also thank some of the folks who have helped me in the garden.  And now, you can drive by and know where it is, because it is marked.  We are still working at cutting back some things and planting others.  I have a few shrubs and perennials I want to get in before cold weather.  Also, Henry and I have come up with an idea that may hide some of the weeds and trash at the north end of the flower bed, by the tracks. 

           Before I forget, the garlic has arrived and is going fast.  Don’t procrastinate! It’s time to plant.

           My donation jar at the Green Spot for the next month will be used to collect for Casey Martinez, daughter of Don and Suzanne Kanen.

Casey is going through her second bout of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The type she is battling now is a ‘refractory type’ and it is very, very difficult to treat.    It’s as serious as it can ever get!  Please include this entire family in your prayers.  I will be starting a Gofundme for Casey, but you can also bring donations—checks, cash, credit cards—in for her at any time.  Thank you in advance.