Valley Gardening: CBD oil varies with production

Yikes…here it is almost 5’oclock and I didn’t even realize that it is Friday, so haven’t even begin to write down the important information I share with you every week…so here goes.

First of all, what a great snow! It almost feels like the olden days when we would be snowed in for days on end. The really awesome part about this last snowfall is the moisture content. It is sloppy wet out there, so be careful as you drive at night because it could be very slippery. And you folks in the great big pickups just need to slow down—at least the ones that have been on my tail. There just isn’t any sense in passing so that you can get to the gas station 30 seconds sooner, right?

I went to Santa Fe a week ago, to learn more about Hemp CBD, from one of the companies I do business with down there.  I am finding CBD to be more and more and more fascinating, the more I learn. 

As I was reading an article in one of the New Mexico papers, it was interesting to see that, for the most part, all CBD is (or should be) the same. The difference lies in where/how it is grown. How it is processed is also very important. Even as I visited three companies it was interesting to hear how each business thought their CBD products were the best. One company makes a CBD product with herbs incorporated, while another one manufactures a straight CBD product. Both products are made in the same plant. Go figure.

Some CBD products are Full Plant Spectrums while others are Isolates. To be honest, I am still trying to understand the differences in the two. I’m trying to learn when to recommend one over the other. Lucky for me, I have created relationships that allow me to get on the phone and get the answers if I don’t know them.

I have also gathered quite a few reference articles that I plan on making copies of next week. If you want to learn more, please come by and ask me some questions. I also am willing to meet with you before I open or after I close, if you would like to really grill me. More than anything I want folks to get the full benefits from using Hemp CBD and the only way you can do that is by being educated.

For instance, one of the companies I researched a couple of weeks ago uses the stalk of the hemp plant, grown in Europe and shipped to Canada for processing. The stalk is NOT the most therapeutic part of the plant. This product is being sold in the Valley, it is expensive, and I don’t believe folks will get the benefits they are looking for. They will then think CBD doesn’t work for their ailment, when it is the product that isn’t working. 

I want folks to be educated about CBD, because absolutely every week someone comes in the store and tells me about a new symptom that CBD is helping them with. This week was a customer getting help with nightmares. The CBD capsules relaxed this person enough where they could get a good night’s sleep.

Even pets realize the benefits of CBD—whether it is old age, or puppy anxiety, CBD HELPS! My old dog gets a biscuit with some oil every day. My daughter’s dog recently had to have a leg amputated and I believe the biscuits helped calm her down. It’s just amazing what CBD can do. From the number of sprinkler quarters being planted with hemp this year, you will be hearing more and more about this wonderful plant. AND, it uses way less water!

Meanwhile, WWRBDo? This week I would hire every small tractor, or big four-wheeler to get all of the snow out of the gutters downtown—before it turns to ice! (And then down to LODA). The city guys do a great job, but it’s hard to get it done with the big equipment—you just can’t get in the corners. Have you looked around your neighborhood? Is there a neighbor that you could help? Look around. Do you have kids that could be put to work for just an hour? You can make a difference!