Valley Gardening: Check out the festivals

Well…we sure didn’t get any snow in Alamosa last Friday…but Wolf Creek and Creede and Del Norte and South Fork sure did. It’s kind of surreal walking around town in a long sleeve shirt, knowing they are wearing coats and boots, etc. in that neck of the Valley. I can really tell it is getting closer to Spring because Larry “almost” forgot to start a fire in the wood heater this week. The mornings are just that warm! Yahoo!

If you are out and about this weekend, head up to the Ski Hi Complex in Monte Vista and take in the Home, Garden & Outdoor Living Expo. Willie is up there at the Green Spot booth, right next to Larry, who is showcasing the GMX Magnetic Water Conditioning system. Folks were just arriving to set up as we were finishing so didn’t get to see all the booths. But I can tell you there was a really cute, tiny house/room built by Liberty Greenhouses in South Fork and they also had an adorable Greenhouse on site. Go check them out, and the other booths. They are open until 5 today (Saturday) and 10-3 on Sunday. Open to the public, and it’s free.

Next weekend will be the 36th Annual Crane Festival, also happening at the Ski Hi facility. If you haven’t checked it out, go to for the schedule of events. Grab the kids and the grandparents and just do it. They have programs, tours, a great craft fair, owls and hawks for the kids to learn about, etc. And it’s free to get in!

Meanwhile…it was disappointing and sad to see the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie shop close a few weeks ago. How great that Woody’s Q Shack will be opening in this same location, in the near future! A great addition to downtown, that’s for sure! Congratulations to Kyle and Jose and the whole crew. I know you will be very busy in this location.

With this beautiful weather we are having, I hope to get my Hops vine cut down this weekend—because I didn’t get it cleaned up in the fall. No one came along and did the work for me so I guess I have my work cut out for me. Knowing that the recycle area is open for me to dump at is sure nice. And I’m not even going to pay attention to the weather report which says a 60 percent chance of precipitation. I’m just gonna get it done! 

I know that everyone wants to get their tomatoes started. In reading a seed pack it says 4-6 weeks BEFORE transplanting outside. If you transplant outside on the first of June, that means you should plant your seeds about the middle of April. Use that date as a start and do your figuring from there. Our average last frost is the 10th of June, but you have to plant earlier than that if you want any kind of harvest. You just have to know how to plant tomatoes and how to protect them after planting. Think of gardening (and farming) as legalized gambling, because that’s really what it is.

Before I forget, there is going to be a Microgreen Workshop on March 16th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Narrow Gauge Book Co-op. The workshop is co-sponsored by VEGI.

I can’t remember if I did a WWRBDo last week. But here it is…if I had $505,000 I would build tiny houses for veterans. I would find a nice countrified piece of property and start building these little abodes out of Hempcrete. I would create a nice, quiet, peaceful area. An area that pride would build. I don’t know how many homes I could get built, but it would be a start. And I would try and make this little village self-sustaining. Somehow…that’s what I would do. I would make these Hempcrete tiny homes that would be famous around the state and beyond. I would create jobs. Oh well…..

I transplanted quite a few houseplants last weekend. And if you listen close you can hear all of them breathing, and growing. And the latest research is saying it is very healthy to get your hands in the dirt/soil, so I am grateful for that. I will have to remember that after I clean the Hops vines and my back is aching.

Again, before I forget, check out Trout Fishing in America on the computer—online, on Facebook or someplace. They are so AWESOME! And they will be at Society Hall next Saturday, the 9th of March! I have had calls from Denver for tickets—that’s how good these guys are! We are so blessed.