Valley Gardening: Come show your support for Ruth

Yikes… because of my fearless leader, Ruth Heide, being on her way to the doctor my deadline is noon, instead of 5 or 6 or 7. Yikes again!  And I have to hope that the person setting up the paper for today, takes my signature off because between Ruth and I, I am referred to as the Queen, or your Royal Highness.  Actually…I think Ruth changed it to your Royal Heinous—h-m-m-m.

So now….back to Ruth Heide.  If you read Ruth’s column yesterday, you know that she has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, stage 4.  What a blow!  She has many decisions in front of her.  She has resigned the Courier—after 33 years!!  Can you even imagine the history in her brain?  The history of the entire Valley, not just Alamosa. I don’t know how Keith Cerny will ever fill her shoes—maybe with 4 people.

Meanwhile… a fundraiser for Ruth is being organized for Sunday, the 31st of March at the Alamosa Senior Citizen Center.  It will be a baked potato bar—I mean a really great baked potato bar!  Serving will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  If you want to help, please give me a call at 580-7838.  And come to think of it, let’s make it a dessert potluck!  Let’s share some calories with our friends and neighbors!!

When I think of Ruth, I think of kind, sweet, and always smiling.  I think of someone fair in their reporting.  When she told me about the cancer, it took my breath away.  She tried not to cry (I did), and we both hugged.  And then we both reached for her bowl of chocolate.  I suggested that a requirement of her replacement should be keeping the candy bowl filled to capacity.

When I think of Ruth, I think of her unwavering faith.  I think of her strong belief in God.  And her acceptance of the challenges in front of her; her acceptance of living… or not.  She is so much stronger than me.  She’s my hero.

The only thing I (and YOU) can do is help raise some money to alleviate all the other stuff she has to worry about.  The phone bill, driving to appointments, mortgage payments, etc.  We all can help alleviate some of that worry.  If you can’t come to the benefit, money and cards can be dropped off at the Valley Courier on South State or at the Green Spot.  Thank you!

You know…Ruth is such a humble person that she had to be talked into this outpouring of love.  We need to show her our appreciation for 33 years of keeping us informed.  Of reporting our events.  Of publicizing our events. Of just being Ruth.

The Sweet Pea season seed is here.  Everyone has a different way of planting them.  Some start on St. Patrick’s Day and some folks wait until Good Friday—April 19th.  In 2020 Good Friday is on the 10th and in 2021 it’s on the 2nd.  AND in 2024 it’s on the 29th.  Looking at those dates it’s hard to understand the rational of planting on Good Friday.

I think it is better to plant Sweet Peas, and Garden Peas when it is cool.  I do have inoculant that can be planted with the seeds.  Actually the inoculant is best put in a plastic bag and then shaking the seeds in the bag to get evenly coated.  The inoculant helps to get Nitrogen in place, from the soil, from the air—I’m not sure how.  I just know it helps.

As I walked in front of the store this morning, I noticed little weed seedlings starting to sprout.  Now would be a great time to get ahead of those little buggers.  The soil is so moist, it’s just a little pass through with a shuffle hoe to chop them up.  I am thinking with all this moisture, we will all be fighting weeds this spring and summer.  At least most of us will.

When you see an old wheelbarrow in front of the store, blocking the sidewalk, it is there because I am trying to save your life.  I am trying to keep the bike riders from running you over.  I leave room for folks in wheelchairs!  Also, if your neighbor has a couple of cute tire planters set in their yard, they might belong to me.  They were stolen from Lower Downtown Alamosa.  You can turn them in anonymously—just tell me where to look.  I’ll put new batteries in my taser.

Last but not least, folks are coming in in droves to sign the petition/support letter to keep our JCPenney store open.  I will be collecting signatures until the 12th of April, and then I need everyone to show up at Penney’s on the 13th at 10am to get a photo taken.  Please and thank you.