Valley Gardening: DE—not just for plants

Okay…before I start writing this week, I am feeling like I need to write a disclaimer. Like…what I have to say may hurt you, may cause diarrhea, may save you money, may cause suicidal thoughts, may make you want to throw up, etc. Isn’t that about what every TV commercial says nowadays? What kind of commercials did we have in the olden days? Do you ever wonder how the pharmaceutical companies can afford to advertise—even when the drugs have so many side effects? Will I be protected if I feel like killing my partner because of medication? Any lawyer out there who will represent me?

Anyways…I did start taking Diatomaceous Earth this week. DE is typically a natural bug killer. I have sold this product for years. I have had numerous customers over the years specifically ask for “Food Grade” DE. I always thought they were giving it to their chickens for mites, or putting it on their pets for fleas. In all actuality they were probably eating it—or mixing it in a glass of juice as I am doing.

What are the benefits, you ask, of adding some DE to your daily routine? Here we go: DE is 85 percent Silica which most of us are lacking. Silica can help in the absorption of calcium, which may help with osteoporosis. DE may help in detoxifying the body, losing weight, revitalizing the skin (as a scrub or facial mask), promoting hair growth, as a cough decreasing agent, fighting kidney stones and healing infections of the urinary tract, reducing inflammation in the intestines and stomach, protecting vital lung tissue from pollution and restoring its elasticity and more. (And I really didn’t want to mention, normalizing hemorrhoidal tissue—whatever that means).

All that being said, it is a personal choice to take DE and you need to research more if it might be beneficial to you. To me, a 12 oz. container is only $6.95 and that should last weeks and weeks. I am going after the parasites that all of us have in our bodies. If even one of the other things happens, like losing weight, I will be thrilled! And no, Jerry Reed, I do not believe DE will grow a full head of hair for you. Cheap enough to try Jerry.

DE is also said to purify any room it has been applied in by detoxifying the ambient air. I’m going to try setting a small saucer out under the sink, or on top of the fridge and see if I notice anything. Maybe in a room where a person is that has a bad cold or the flu?

I kind of compare DE to Apple Cider Vinegar. Both, I believe, are quite beneficial and both are very inexpensive. In the quest to be healthier, seems like a simple thing to do. You can go to for more information on Diatomaceous Earth.

Anyone who has been by the Green Spot from the south has seen my sign, which simply says “Stop the Meth and Heroin.” I have been asked to take it down, I have been asked to change it…but I’m not going to! In fact, I had a call from a person in Denver who saw my sign and wants to come to Alamosa once a month and start a family support group for those who have been so horribly affected by this drug epidemic. I had already been contacted by a local person/friend who is dealing with the repercussions of a drug addicted child and has looked everywhere for support. Well…we are going to start a group and see what happens. If you are interested PLEASE don’t hesitate in stopping by the store or giving me a call at 719-580-7838.

My seeds come in next Monday—the first batch anyway. I always have them on sale—like 20 percent off so come in and check it out. Even though they are coming in doesn’t mean they need to be planted yet.  But…people are so anxious. Give us two nice days in a row and you think it’s spring but it’s not, folks.  And yes, Mr. Gibson, I will have some Sweet Pea seeds!

Meanwhile, are we afraid to put the question of recreational marijuana on the ballet? I’m not a smoker or user. However, if I needed to use MMJ for any reason, I wouldn’t hesitate for one nanosecond. I do have a problem with three people making the decision for everybody. Are there 10,000 people in Alamosa County? Using some of the rationale the county commissioners referenced in allowing one medical marijuana facility just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like saying we have a car dealership in Alamosa County, let all others go to Conejos or Costilla counties.

Or, we have one garden center in Alamosa, so let’s not allow any more in (that would be good for me). And a LOT does happen in three years, so why not vote again? Does it cost thousands and thousands to put the question on the ballot?  If the voters vote against it, so be it. At least we would know. Maybe we could collect tax revenue to build the parking lot at the airport—maybe?


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