Valley Gardening: Embrace snow and be patient

Do you remember what this white stuff is? Wolf Creek Ski Area has some fresh powder—not a huge amount, but I have been told they are getting more and more snow all the time. AND, they have a new lift open so get out for New Year’s and get some exercise. 

Speaking of exercise, this holiday over-eating is about to get to me. I feel like an overachiever when it comes to getting rid of the Biscochitos, and chocolate candies. It’s like I’m eating just to get rid of them, so I can start the New Year with a clean plate. I have been trying to share…a little bit…with customers…but everything is so good! I promise to be good in 2019—just need it to get here!

Meanwhile…I am over the $5,000 mark for the SLV Cancer Relief Fund, thanks to a donation from SK, and Adrian Absmeier! Both of these individuals support my projects throughout the year, whether it be Society Hall or Mom’s Garden or whatever I am up to. Thanks to both of you!

By now, most of you will know that the Bistro Rialto is closing their doors, with New Year’s Eve being their last evening. I know that there are many reasons for closing, but foremost is the battle Sandy has been waging against cancer for the last year and a half. Cancer is so brutal It destroys ya’ one way or the other. I know there are many, many success stories—way more than in years past. Knowing that doesn’t make it any better if you are the one diagnosed. It’s like a constant storm cloud on your shoulders, weighing you down, until you hear…you are in remission. Come back in three months or six months and then hopefully a year. And then…you take your life back and begin to plan for your future.

Closing the Bistro was not an easy decision. Hopefully…not having the worries of operating a business will ease their burden and allow them to finish this battle. Kent and Sandy, you have served our community well, and you will be missed. AND...we all will continue sending good thoughts and prayers and hugs your way. I’m lighting candles every day for you and others who might be in this same battle! And, I will continue collecting money for the SLV Cancer Relief Fund so that we (our community) can help you and others in the New Year!

Enough of you readers have the same beliefs/thoughts/questions that I have, so I am going to start giving you my thoughts on what needs to be done to clean up our town. I will try and keep my thoughts short and sweet and only list one or two things at a time. 

For instance…if I were to start right now, I would suggest a city employee be given some extra hours to check out the XMAS lights at NIGHT, to see which lights aren’t working. The lights could then be fixed during the day. That employee could get some time off during the day so as not to cost overtime.

Rest assured, just stating what I would do, probably means it won’t get done. Isn’t it sad? I’m not giving up however sad it may be at times. I’ve lived in Alamosa since 1973 and I’ve been working hard since I got here. I want to see some beauty make its way back to our town. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way!

This next week is going to be friggin’ cold! Gives us all something to complain about. There will be a heat wave the following week where it will be up to 40 degrees every day—YAHOO! This does not mean it’s time to pull out the garden hoses.

It is nice to know that each day is getting longer….and before too many weeks go by it will be time to start transplanting houseplants. That’s the best I can give you right now. Be patient.

Be safe for the New Year’s Eve holiday. Be smart. Let’s all hope for more snow, lots and lots of snow!