Valley Gardening: Gardening … and other advice

All is good in the neighborhood! Peyton Sanchez, and his family, and his customers raised over $2,000 for the Jerry Reed Scholarship Fund. Way to go Peyton—I am guessing that you slept really well for the past week.

With the help of Craig Terpstra, Mom’s Garden is getting to the point where I can start planting. Pretty excited about getting more and more perennials planted across the front of the garden. I’m going to do a number of ground covers, such as Dragon’s Blood Sedum, Yellow Ice Plant, Cerastium (that has already come back readily), and from seed I am going to throw down some Moss Rose, a/k/a Portulaca.

I am pretty amazed that I have some Ornamental Cabbages coming back. They are growing from the stem. I have not seen that ever. It will be interesting to see how big they might grow. I will also be planting quite a bit of Russian Sage, which will give some July color.  When I get the sage in at the store, it is usually in bloom. I immediately cut it back, because I want it to bush out and bloom later in the summer.

I found one of my water meters from a few years back so I am going to measure how much water I actually use in this garden. With increases in city water rates, it will be interesting to see what it takes to keep this area going. The city graciously gives me the water for this area. It will be nice to put a monetary value to it. And know how much.

A number of folks have asked me why I trimmed the gardens down so low in front of Alta Fuels. Well….I didn’t. I am no longer managing their landscaping. I lean totally in the opposite direction in letting shrubs grow to the height they should—with trimming when necessary and at the right time. I let lilacs bloom, and sumacs grow, and I don’t indiscriminately spray, without saving little seedlings—especially Cushion Spurge Euphorbias, Columbines, and the Cardinal Penstemons. Also, I water as little as possible, but at least once a week or every 10 days. I don’t cut Sumacs down to 8 inches.

Back to Craig Terpstra…a few years back, Craig went through a pretty rough time in his life. It was a bad time for him and his family. He has turned his life around and is now “making amends” to Alamosa. He is the only person ever (that I know) who literally parks his truck and walks around town picking up trash, so that Alamosa looks better! I am so thankful for his help in Mom’s Garden. You are an inspiration Craig—THANK YOU!

I need a little help from my readers. I’m trying to learn a little bit more about the old WPA programs that employed so many people after the depression. I’m thinking that this is what our country needs now—no more handouts unless you work. I remember seeing a sign on both the library and the swimming pool back in MN that they were built on a WPA Program. It just seems like too many folks don’t have to work anymore—because they are getting everything for free. They don’t have to work, and they don’t want to work. This is all fine and dandy—IF they are not getting a handout from the taxpayer. I have had three businesses in recently and they all say they can’t find anyone who wants to work—these have been good businesses. No more free lunch is my thought. What’s yours?

Also, I just got in some Nolo Bait, which is a biological bait for grasshoppers. I’m thinking the hoppers are going to be bad this year, worse than last. On the package it says grasshoppers/Mormon Crickets. I’m wondering where that term comes from—anyone know?

There is going to be a great concert at Society Hall on Sunday—Walt Wilkins! When Don Richmond says he would travel a long way to hear Walt, that’s good enough for me. Tickets in advance are $15 and at the door they are $20. Also, we are going to have a hamburger fry, beginning at 5 p.m. on our new patio—yahoo! Suggested donation is $7.50 with all proceeds going to the Raise the Roof FUND.  Cheesecake will also be sold for $5—from Three Guys Farm in Monte Vista. Come on down and check it out.