Valley Gardening: Glad for the rain

Talk about moisture…..right? We had snow, and then rain, and then more snow—leaving my country road a slippery mess. It used to be that we had 20 or so feet of slick road but this left a half mile or more of slow-down navigating road. With only one vehicle ending up in the ditch. Although I was prepared for, and wanting snow I guess I’m happier with just moisture. Looking at some of the pictures from South Fork and beyond even made me happier for good ol’ rain.

Meanwhile, as bad as I think we had it in Colorado (and it was bad), please say some prayers for our neighbors in Nebraska! I could not believe some of the news videos on what is going on there. Bridges and Quonset huts floating down the flooding rivers. People and cattle stranded everywhere. The power behind these raging creeks and rivers, with ice chunks in the mix, is just beyond scary. 

And, as long as you are in the praying mood, how about we all send some good energy and thoughts and prayers to Charlie, Sheila, Peyton, and Landon Sanchez. They are on their way to San Diego, via a Rockies game in Arizona. They will be meeting with doctors next week in the hope of finding a new treatment for Peyton’s brain stem tumor. Pray! 

When I went out to see Peyton on Thursday evening, all he wanted to talk about was having his 1st year anniversary celebration for his business, Peyton’s Inspirational Notes. So on the way to California, he is coming up with new card ideas for Mother’s Day and graduation. If you would like to order a special card, let me know, and we will try and get it done. I say we, but what I mean is--Sheila and Peyton will try and get it done. Don’t wait until the last minute, because Peyton’s working hours are limited. Stay tuned for the DATE—to be announced soon.

Peyton also wanted to talk about doing his lemonade stand this spring/summer. He wanted to know if he should donate money to Society Hall or the SLV Cancer Relief Fund. I am so inspired, always, after talking with Peyton. He is a young man with limited mobility, limited speech, limited eyesight and all he thinks about, is helping others! The whole world needs to take a lesson from Peyton Sanchez—can you even imagine what that would be like?

I was relieved to see Alamosa County become a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County”! I remember calling the sheriff’s office a few years ago when a friend was having problems. I knew they had guns in their vehicle. I wanted all officers to know of any potential risks. That’s all it took to do my part. I didn’t ask for their guns to be taken away. I just wanted everyone to be safe. I will add that it sure is great to see Chief Kenny Anderson and Sherriff Robert Jackson working together to keep us all safe. The cooperation and communication between departments is more than I have seen in years.

Thanks to all of you for coming in to sign the petition to keep J.C. Penney’s open. We will continue to take signatures/comments until April 13th. On that Saturday, I am hoping that folks will show up by the carload to take a group picture in front of the store! I will have a large banner made saying something like “Please don’t close our store”—unless someone gives me a better idea. Again, thank you.

Meanwhile, I was walking in front of my store and the Artemesia and Coronation Gold Yarrow are turning green! I yelled at them and told them no-o-o-o, it’s only March! Tomorrow might be a good day to transplant because it is so wet. This is right after I get the Hops cleaned up, which I haven’t been able to finish the past two weekends. I already feel stressed for time, knowing it is early, but wanting to get everything done.

You can probably start your tomato seeds in the next 7-10 days. Most of the folks that are starting this early have greenhouses, so that does make a difference. I have seen folks planting peas this early, but…seems like they might just sit there for a while. And maybe the birds will find them, or they might get too wet. I don’t know…it’s why I call gardening, and farming and ranching legalized gambling!  Because no one knows.