Valley Gardening: Good deeds and good people

I didn’t know it at the time, (when I was writing last week), but if I had paid attention, or if I had listened, I probably would have felt the breeze here in the Valley as Greg Gosar took his last breath. Seems like we all should have felt it. What an impact he made on everyone who knew him. The small empires he created—Mountain Mama Flour, Gosar Sausage and leading the first water battle with AWDI so many years ago. So many memories…for all of us who were fortunate to know him.

The Gosar Sausage booth at the Sunshine Festival—talk about lines—for 25 years! And his work with Early Iron, with his family by his side. Even at the end of his life, he donates his body to the University of Arizona Medical School…and he asks that we all get on board and fight the group that is currently coming for our precious water. Greg—you have set the bar high and I hope we all can rise to the occasion and do you proud! RIP Greg—you will be missed! You are missed.

I told you a week or so ago how romantic my wedding anniversary was, shoveling snow, beautiful snow on New Years Day! The only thing more romantic is getting on the roof and spending some real quality time together. We got most of it, and then on Friday we had a couple more leaks in this old building. Up on the roof again, only Larry is in Albuquerque.

Mind you, I really do love the exercise and shoveling snow. And I was doing a pretty good job, pretending I was ‘snow curling’ on the roof. I was getting pretty good. And then I look over, and here comes Jamie Dominguez, to gives me a hand. I had to raz him a little about the award he had just received, because I “wasn’t nice enough to city council and wasn’t professional enough” to get the award last year. (Kind of a private joke). 

Jamie just received the Municipal Hero award from the City of Alamosa—if you ever have a chance to visit with him and learn about all he is involved with—you will know that his award is well deserved.

My good deed for this week included finding a new wheelchair for a young man and his mom. You have probably seen them around town because they walk a LOT of miles. They are everywhere! I had helped them navigate a snow bank on Sunday and noticed that the front wheel on Maria’s chair was bent/broken. Facebook is a wonderful thing when you need help. Within a couple of hours of posting the need, Fawn Milton-Tatro donated a chair in honor her Mom, Carol, who passed away in October 2018. The chair didn’t have footrests, but the great people at Lincare helped me out and the chair is ready to go.

If the stars align, community members will help Leo and Maria get set up in a low-income apartment this week where they can be a little bit closer to town. I may be putting out a plea for household items so please stay tuned. Keep your fingers crossed.

And because it isn’t gardening weather YET…let me tell you about an event coming up the 9th of February. We all have to eat, so why not got to a spaghetti dinner and help raise funds for the Healing Hearts Resource Center? The folks behind this endeavor are GOOD people and need all the help we, as a community, can give them! The dinner is from 4-8 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 6 and under—in ADVANCE. Prices go up to $12 and $7 at the door. Music will be by Don Richmond, Creed de Avanzar, Frank Scott and friends so it should be a great event.

Please help. I have tickets at the Green Spot AND I will also take donations for them if you can’t make it to the dinner. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

And now, WWRBDo? I would give half credit to all business owners who hired private snow removal on public property. I would apply it to their water bills. And then the folks who don’t shovel their walks, I would find out why, and if not excusable I would fine them double, maybe even triple. As I watch folks like Leo and Maria try to navigate the sidewalks, and especially, the corners I am embarrassed that as a community we aren’t doing better.

I would also show folks how the drainage works on the corners so that the snow doesn’t melt BACK into the pan, leaving 4-6’ of ice/sludge to maneuver. Shovel DOWNHILL, so it is safer for ALL of us! And believe me, I have shoveled my share of snow! I am a professional!