Valley Gardening: Good night, gentle soul

Life is good…and so fragile. Almost three years ago I was driving by the Christian Science Society building at 400 Ross Ave. Charlotte Orth was coming down the steps. She was a customer at the Green Spot and my husband Larry did ranch consulting for Charlotte and her husband Ed years earlier. We have known them for many years—around 25, I am thinking. For some reason, I pulled over and asked Charlotte “what is in this building”? There was a For Sale sign in the yard. 

Charlotte was the person who gave me a tour of the building now known as Society Hall. It was obvious from the very beginning how much she loved this place, and loved it even more after it was modernized, because she was also a lover of great music. Charlotte drove me nuts—in a kind, gentle, thought provoking way. She was a thinker and dreamer. Maybe that’s why I would get aggravated---because I don’t take enough time to stop and smell the roses, and she did. 

Charlotte was killed on Wednesday in the car accident out on the County Line Rd and the 8 mile. I get just a little bit of comfort knowing that the last place she visited on Wednesday was Society Hall, for their Society service. RIP, Charlotte. You were a kind and gentle soul, and I will take time to enjoy more, the beauty around me. When I work in Mom’s Garden this Sunday, I will light a candle lantern and remember you! Thank you for loving Society Hall.

It’s hard to segue from the above to Society Hall’s Raise the Roof Festival, but I’m going to do it. We are raising money to put on a new roof. It would be silly not to protect the beautiful venue that has been created. On September 16th from noon to midnight, we will be hosting live music inside and out, food, beer and wine, two class reunions, friends, fellowship, etc. I’m thinking that Don Richmond has lined up six entertainment acts ending with a CD release with Chris Arellano. More details will follow, but please “save the date” and let me know if you would like to volunteer—THANKS!

Wasn’t that rain something? I have had to reevaluate my planting in Mom’s Garden. Will be moving the Iris that are in the back of the garden to the middle, because there was a lake about 6’ wide where the water had drained. Who knows if we will ever have that much rain again? 

I have already (I think) mentioned in earlier articles how bad the ants are—but they are now out of control. I am thinking that the rain is making the soil so much easier to tunnel in, that they are going to town. I have been applying ant bait but not sure it is doing the job I need it to, so going to try some sprays this weekend. I am going to try two sprays. One is a pretty standard spray called Eight Insect Control for Yard & Garden. It kills over 100 named insect pests and keeps working for four weeks after being sprayed. The chemical in the spray is Permethrin, which is pretty safe and this spray is listed for lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. I have both a powder and a hose-end sprayer (this is the one I am going to use) that is great for larger areas.

The other spray is a hose-end Vegetable & Garden Insect Spray. It is a product by the Bayer company, and the main ingredient is Cyfluthrin. Before next week I am going to find my book that lists the ‘danger’ ratings on different ingredients and I will report back to you.

Spiders are starting to try and get inside your house, and into your wood pile, etc. A totally organic thing you can do is spread Diatomaceous Earth around your foundation and borders. It will have to be reapplied after rain.

I just have to say it again…shouldn’t the parking lot where the Pink Elephant used to be, be saved for downtown parking? Landscaped nicely, used for the Farmer’s Market and possibly other events? Wouldn’t that be great? The land valuation is around $16,000 but the purchase price is $165,000. It seems like we have money for everything else?