Valley Gardening: Grateful for changing seasons

Fall is definitely coming—YAHOO! I can’t even imagine living in an area where it never freezes. Three of my sisters lived in California. I was always telling them that they really didn’t know how to garden—because it was so easy for them. They had other problems—like slugs, that are some of the nastiest creatures ever to be created.

My sisters never experienced the down time, after the freeze and before spring. They never really got to understand the miracle of a seed germinating. You just can’t appreciate a seed growing at the edge of a rock, with terrible soil, bad winds, unforgiving temperatures, etc. when you live in California. One of those sisters moved to Santa Fe a number of years ago, and finally understood what I was saying. She has now come to appreciate the colors of fall and the joy of a snowstorm. And then you look forward to spring.

Meanwhile…I’m not going to ramble as long as usual. Getting ready for the “Raise the Roof” mini-festival at Society Hall today—beginning at noon. I know what it takes to organize something, but it does get a little overwhelming when you (our board) are lining up tables and chairs, and tents and stages and polycarts, and fencing, and trailers and food and beer and wine, and tickets and just stuff!

I have never forgotten how great folks are when I need help, way back from Sunshine Festival days. One of my friends summed it up the best when they said “people know how much you give to the community Ruthie, so they want to give to you.” I am humbled and grateful! More than me, folks are giving to Society Hall, a facility that I am most proud of. This building has been here for 96 years and with the new roof, and all the other improvements, should be here for the next 100 years!

Today (Saturday, Sept. 16), beginning at noon, we (Don Richmond, Pete Magee and Lisa Absmeier), along with our friends will be hosting an event to raise money for our new roof. If we don’t get it paid for Don Richmond will be taken to jail, where he will form a jailhouse band…just kidding! I have NO doubt that we will get this roof paid for, because this building is so fabulous. If you haven’t seen it, you should come on down. Entrance is free! Take a look, listen to one of the six bands, buy a hamburger or a beer and enjoy.

We will also be home to three class reunions—72, 73 and 74! AND, I am hearing that we will have another group celebrating their 50th school reunion! I better watch out—I’m not far behind.

I did attend the meeting this week with concerned individuals from the neighborhood and staff of La Puente. It was stated over and over again, “move the soup kitchen” and alleviate some of the problems we are experiencing.

It was said “we can’t move it to another neighborhood, because we would create problems there.” EXACTLY. Where could this soup kitchen go where problems would not follow it? Could it go by the library? Or at the Airport Restaurant? Or by Rainbow’s End? Maybe the Farm Park could build a kitchen and serve this segment of the population. Even a tiny house village out there? Or how about Milagros—it’s already a kitchen. I don’t know the answers, but something needs to change. New rules, new expectations from clients. Respect for the neighborhood! I don’t quite go with ‘folks will die in the street, if La Puente doesn’t feed them.” Maybe I’m just not aware of any deaths, where mental health issues haven’t been present and serious. Would you want the soup kitchen in your neighborhood, or next to your business? Just wondering.

Gotta go…and here I’ve rambled again! Please, please watch out for the harvesters, the potato trucks, etc. Some of those trucks are pretty old, but they get the job done. Be courteous and let’s hope the season ends with no further injuries or deaths! And let’s all hope for a good price on all crops harvested in the Valley—it affects every one of us.