Valley Gardening: Grateful this Easter weekend

Where has April gone?? Every day just goes by faster and faster! And now it is Easter weekend. I hope you all have a great one. 

As I think of Easter, I think of all I have to be thankful for. I especially think of friends who are battling different types of Cancer, this weekend I will send them all the good thoughts and energy I have. I will think of them as I work in my gardens — that’s my place for prayers. I will think of the concert next week (at Society Hall) benefitting the SLV Cancer Relief Fund. What a great way for our community to show our support for our friends and neighbors who are battling for their lives.

I feel quite honored to have folks coming into the Green Spot to get a form from the SLVCRF. I give them a form, ask what they are battling and I am able to give them a hug. It’s humbling. The funds raised by the SLVCRF goes 100 percent ENTIRELY to those who need a little help. If you need more information — as a recipient or a donor, please let me know.

My flower and vegetable order did not make it to town this week, because of weather — nothing new there  I was really sad, but then relieved, because of so much to do to get ready for all that I have ordered. So now … we are getting for the delivery this coming Wednesday.

I will also be getting about a bajillion onion plants in, starting on Wednesday or thereabouts. If you have never planted onion plants (instead of onion sets) you need to give it a try. Onion plants are freshly dug, freshly shipped, and ready to plant and get growing! Even now, folks are telling me that they have just barely used up their onions from last year. If you are used to planting onion sets, the difference is the sets are dormant and it takes longer for them to start growing because they have to break that dormancy. I have not carried onion sets for probably 15 years … ever since Mike Mitchell’s mom educated me. (She said I couldn’t use her name in the paper).

The Rockey’s did bring me seed potatoes so they are ready to go. I have Fingerlings, Yukon Gold, Sangre red, Purple Majesty (purple center) and Harvest Moon (purple skin, gold center). They are all so good, and everyone has a favorite. We are pretty thrilled to be working with the Rockey’s, that’s for sure. Keep an eye open for news of their Farm Day later this summer — folks fly in from all over the country to attend this all-day event — so take advantage of it, if you are here in the Valley.

Larry and I met with Don, the worm guy, last Sunday. What a hoot! And naturally I bought more worms and castings than I normally would have because he drove down from Pueblo. I think he knew that.

Because of buying a lot, I am selling this batch of Red Wigglers and European Night crawlers just barely above my cost. AND, the Earthworm castings are so absolutely beautiful, I would recommend them for anything!!

The Red Wigglers are the best for a compost pile, especially if you dig down 24-36 inches to get your pile started. Wigglers don’t like our cold winters so they need to go down as deep as possible to hibernate. The European worms are bigger and what I would call garden worms OR fishing worms (that will bring the guys in — and the gals, such as my granddaughter, Peyty). Speaking of fishing, I had three young boys in on Friday — to buy night crawlers — and they showed me six little catfish/bullheads that they said they had caught across from the Golf Course. Who can educate me on this??

Sometimes I go on and on about big businesses in Alamosa. When I do, I do not mean EVER the employees! Even when I talk about the city/county, I am not talking about the folks working on the street.

I get frustrated with large companies who don’t care about Alamosa as much as I do. I get frustrated when I hear about a façade being put on the Hockey Rink/Multi-use Pavilion. I just think there’s way more better things to spend $75,000.00-plus on! That’s the rumor I heard and no one has set me straight — yet!