Valley Gardening: In dry winter it's OK to water a little

Wow…where did 2017 go? And where in the heck is winter? Next Tuesday it is supposed to be 54 degrees and the following Tuesday it is supposed to be 54 degrees!

As much as I hate to say it, you certainly can drag out the hose and do a little watering on your lawn and flowerbeds, and trees and shrubs. Don’t go crazy and turn on your sprinklers. Just water those areas that are in the full sun, and the areas that might be dried out from wind. Don’t flood irrigate. Instead, water a little, and then move to the next spot, and then go back and water a little more. The water will soak in better doing it this way.

If you have newly planted perennials, shrubs and trees, they are more than likely needing water. If the area is in the shade, use your judgement/common sense and physically check to see if the soil is damp.  This is not advice to water every week until we get snow. Just once will do for now.

If we don’t get some snow soon, it may be a desperate spring and summer for farmers. In an ideal world we would get 20’ of wet sloppy snow in March and April. The snow would melt right away and replenish the reservoirs. Everything would turn green right away, and there won’t be any fires, or bugs. In an ideal world.

Meanwhile…all my puppies have found homes. Shaggy was adopted in Monte Vista—the best home ever. Sapphire went all the way to New York—amazing. And Puppacino was adopted by Maren Stecken and her family in South Fork—perfect match!

Before Puppacino was adopted Larry and I took him out to see the Sanchezes because it was on our way to Fudd and Sandy Cody’s. Peyton and Landon wanted this puppy so-o-o bad. But even batting their eyelashes, and putting out a quivering lip did not get a yes from Sheila (or me). They do have a beautiful Cocker Spaniel rescue dog they got this summer so I didn’t feel too bad.

Our compromise is to set up Peyton’s Lemonade Stand inside the Green Spot on February 3rd. We, especially Peyton, will be raising money for the Valley Humane League and the Southern Colorado Animal Rescue. Instead of lemonade, we will have cocoa, coffee and apple cider along with all the baked goods that you—supporters of Peyton, will be bringing in. Please put this date down on your calendar and do what you can—or just stop by and say hi. Let’s call it Helping Paws, with Peyton! Hours will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All of this depends on Peyton feeling strong and healthy—sometimes the mind is willing but the body doesn’t cooperate—so true for all of us. Keep sending those prayers his way! They are needed, and appreciated.

Back to the Cody’s! What that family has/is doing with their Colorado Malting Company blows me away every time I see their operation! I hear them talk of collaborations with companies in Finland and Ireland, and stories of whiskey and…and…and winning awards and I am amazed. I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of Colorado’s FIRST Farmhouse Brewery—yeah, right here in the San Luis Valley on County Road 12 South! Did I mention that they have some really good beer? And that the entire family is involved, and they are all really nice people—really nice! I hope they take me up on my offer to volunteer my services bartending at the Farmhouse. I might even be good for a flower planter or two.

The Cody family is right up there with the Rockey Family out of Center. What they have done for the Valley, in the world of potatoes, also fascinates me. I know there are a number of farms doing great things with potatoes but I am more connected with the Rockey’s because I sell their seed potatoes in the spring. And, I carry potato chips made out of their Harvest Moon potatoes. The chips are made in Denver and it just feels good supporting an entrepreneur in Denver who is supporting our local farmers!  It’s a win-win situation.

The hockey rink/pavilion will soon be done. I still wish the rink in Carroll Park had been improved and saved us all a lot of money. It would have been closer to the schools and neighborhoods. Is the rink in Carroll Park going to be open and maintained? If there is any kid out there who wants to play hockey and needs equipment I was told that equipment would be provided for free! Don’t be shy about asking. 

Only time will tell how much money this rink will cost or how much money it will bring in to the community. Only time. What do you think the final cost was, including all the staff time to plan?