Valley Gardening: Karo for Christmas

Yikes…we had an hour of winter this afternoon (Friday)! It really didn’t amount to much, so hoping the mountains got hammered. Larry and I were up Alamosa Canyon last weekend getting Xmas boughs and it was pretty dang dry! Didn’t need snow boots, or gloves, or hats or even coats. That’s dry. When you think of the moisture we need to make up this winter it’s kind of unbelievable…and scary!

Besides that…it’s human nature to complain, so we might as well complain about snow, instead of wells going dry. Much better.

I got a copy of the recipe for Xmas trees and it includes 2 cups of Karo syrup, 2 oz. liquid bleach, 2 pinches of Epson salt, 1/2 tsp. of Borax and 1 tsp. of chelated iron.  Mix all of that together and add it to a 2-gallon bucket of hot water. Make a fresh cut on the base of your tree and place it in the bucket for 24 hours. Add water as needed to your tree stand.

The Karo provides sugar to allow the base of the tree to take up water. Boron, in the Borax, allows the tree to move water out to every branch and needle in the tree. Magnesium in the Epson salt and chelated iron provide essential components to keep the tree green. The bleach prevents mold in the solution. Or…you can get a small bottle of the preservative I was telling you about last week for $2.50. I have about 15 trees left and not sure about getting more. All profits are donated to the San Luis Valley Cancer Relief Fund.

Alamosa lost one of its finest when Mac McFadden passed away on Thanksgiving Day. Mac and his barbershop quartet used to perform at the Sunshine Festival for me—many, many years ago! I’m thinking I knew him and Dottie for 40 years or more. What I liked the most is when Mac would read my columns and make comments on them. We didn’t always agree, and that was okay. We were always grownup and could discuss and then go on with our lives. This type of discussion is mostly gone nowadays—it’s pretty brutal out there. We need to get back to that kind of acceptance.

I had a customer/reader call up and tell me how to stretch the Eggnog. You just have to add some rum, or brandy—that makes sense, right?! (Not sure if I am going to tell Willie about this solution).

Another customer brought in pictures of her Christmas cactus that was in FULL, FULL bloom. It was in a south window. She had blinds up and they were at an angle so it wasn’t full sun. Every plant and growing condition is different. If it is working, don’t change—no matter what I say.

Pretty honored to announce that Kyle Woodward and Jose Ortega, owners of Woody’s Q Shack will be partnering with the Green Spot on our “Memories and Reflections” celebration, December 19th.  Kyle will be honoring his dad, Jeff, who passed away this summer, and Jose will be honoring his mom, Priscilla, who passed away in 2017. Both parents lost their battles with cancer. 

Cancer----it has no boundaries, has no friends. It leaves devastation wherever it touches. If you would like more information about our fundraising event, please stop by the Green Spot and pick up an invitation. We also have applications for support if your family is in need. Please don’t hesitate and understand that the SLVCRF is the purest form of neighbor helping neighbor in the entire SLV!

I continue to be amazed at what Hemp CBD products are doing for people AND pets. It’s pretty great when I can help someone every single day. And even more than that is when I hear the stories about BIG businesses coming to the Valley, farmers looking for acreage to plant more hemp both for seed and CBD. It’s pretty exciting. I don’t know where it will end, but I’m thrilled to do my little part to spread the word.

Hey…Peyton Sanchez has a few Christmas cards made up here at the store. I think I told you about the small ‘survivor bags’ he purchased supplies for. Either next Thursday or the Thursday after Peyton will present his bags to the veterans group that meets for coffee at the local museum. You’re my hero, Peyton.

AND, don’t forget about the American Jem XMAS show next Saturday, the eighth at Society Hall! It is going to be such a wonderful evening. I need some of that Christmas spirit, don’t you?