Valley Gardening: Loss and hope

Let’s see….what’s new in Alamosa? I know that I told you last week about Woody Q’s opening a branch bar-b-q restaurant in the Nestle’s location. What I didn’t tell you is JCPenney’s is closing the Alamosa location in July! Because I didn’t know last Friday. What a shock!

Not knowing what else to do, we started a letter/show of support letter that we will share with corporate people later this spring. I really don’t know if it will make a difference, but I’m believing we have to try. It’s not just about having Penney’s close up, it’s about 27 of our friends and neighbors who will be without jobs. It’s another vacant building in our downtown. It’s not having a different choice for buying your clothing, if you don’t like the big box stores. It’s just sad.

I think when Penney’s made the change to a Final Take store it was a horrible decision. When they decided to change back last fall EVERYONE was thrilled. The employees worked tirelessly to get the old store back. And now…they are closing. This store is profitable, so it makes it doubly sad that corporate folks have made this decision. Come by the Green Spot and sign if you are so inclined. You can even add a comment or two. Thank you.

Heaven gained a good guy yesterday. I just can’t quite call him an angel, because he would probably haunt me. Way back in the early Sunshine Festival days, all I would have to do is go over to Southway Construction and tell Butch I needed a couple of semis to use as stages. For probably 20 years, he (and his son, Rocky) were my go to guys. Whether it was a concrete pad for the Boys N’ Girls Club shed, or the patio at Society Hall, Southway Construction was always there to give me some help. Thanks Butch Southway, RIP!

I got a shipment of garden seeds in yesterday. Come take a look. If you have any questions I will give you the best advice I can, from my little pea-picking brain. Most of my education is from the School of Hard Knocks and talking to other gardeners for over 40 years. Priceless education that it has been. And, 25 percent of all seed sales will go to charity—yahoo!

I have to go look at the mountain (molehill) of snow at the Safeway parking lot. It was still 2-3 feet tall a couple of days ago, but this wind has been pretty brutal and melted a lot of snow banks around town.  Winner to be announced SOON.

I didn’t get my hops cleaned up last weekend because it was too windy. And, the recycling center wasn’t open. They should be open this Sunday if I understand right. I’m hoping, because I have spring fever—which means trying to gets lots of yard work done. If the weather will cooperate.

WWRBDo this week? Well…in an ideal world, I would ask that the wind would blow all the dirt and gravel off the sidewalks along the highway west of town. Failing that, I would ask all business owners to sweep the walks, and then we can get the city’s OLD street sweeper out there to clean up the dirt. I say this because the NEW street sweeper doesn’t do a great job of picking up the dirt. We need to get some pride back in our town, in my humble opinion.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to order my onion plants and annuals and perennials, etc. I get my plants from a greenhouse over by Kirtland, New Mexico. They have always done such a great job for me, AND they grow plants in the 606’s that I was telling you about a week or so ago.

If you are wanting special flowers, let me know EARLY, while there is still time for them to start them from seed or plugs. Catlin’s closing is going to leave a huge gap in the bedding plant market, and I hope to fill part of it. I wouldn’t be a good business person if I didn’t believe my plants are the best.

P.S. Just because I am getting ready to order plants, don’t think it is time to plant! Be patient, breathe!  I’ll let you know when I start and then it will be time.