Valley Gardening: Of plants and Peytons

It continues to be a beautiful fall with next week temperatures in the 50’s and the nights in the balmy 20’s. So nice! I continue to work on flowerbeds, so the nice weather is very much appreciated. And, I have had contractors doing a little bit of stucco repair and painting on my house so they are doubly thankful—they will finish on Monday!

I have been working on my houseplants at the Spot—did I already tell you that? Usually the advice is to transplant in the spring as the days get longer, but fall really works better for me. The plants I haven’t transplanted are getting worm castings as a top dressing and they are thriving. It’s such a simple thing to do, and so easy. I don’t even measure how much to put on, I just do it.

My geraniums continue to bloom in the front window of the store. I immediately pinch back the spent blooms to encourage more blooms. I love to have geraniums blooming when we get to January.

Domino’s Pizza in Alamosa had an absolute record-breaking day on Thursday, as they raised money for the Peyton Sanchez family! Rumor has it that at one point, they had 350 items on the screen to be cooked. This is actually the truth and that included pizzas, sandwiches, sides, etc.! Can you imagine?  Alamosa and beyond, you came through big-time! In talking with Charlie Sanchez, I want everyone to know how humbled they are at the support they have received over the years. I have to pound it into his head that it is because of his and Sheila’s son that folks want to help and feel good helping! Most of us will (thankfully) never know what it is like to have a child with a life-threatening illness. At this time of the year, let us all be thankful. Let us be thankful for Peyton Sanchez, and what he brings out in all of us!

Here’s a cute little story about giving. My granddaughter Peyton, who just turned 6, likes to help Larry with his office work. It’s her way of saying she gets bored at the Green Spot sometimes—unless we have puppies to bottle feed. She earned $10 a few weeks ago—that was for three days of helping. There was a little playtime and jumping on the trampoline and meals, so not all work. When her Papa had to run errands, she went with. When Papa needed to go to the Senior Citizen Center to give a donation Peyton decided that she would also give! She gave $2 and she is so proud of the receipt she received from them. Made me proud! What would happen if we all taught our children and grandchildren to give? Just a little bit adds up!

Hey folks down in Sanford---way to show up at a meeting about your community! It’s hard to think of 300 people showing up to speak out against meth and heroine, and burglaries and crime—in Alamosa, sometimes we get 50 to attend! I applaud all of you for caring! It’s only by caring and standing up, and demanding, and asking questions, will we ever make a dent in the meth and heroine problem throughout the Valley. Kudos to all of you!

I thought I only had 4-5 readers, but everyone knows my name, even if it was listed in the police blotter as Ruth Brown. I have suffered this week with taunts from my reading audience (lol). I did get a ticket last week for “rolling” through a stop sign. It was not at 900 Eighth St, it was at the railroad crossing behind Van Iwaarden Builders—a police car was hiding behind the building. I think of myself as a very safe, and usually very slow driver. Folks have honked at me for going the speed limit—oh well.

The only thing I don’t like about getting this ticket, is that it was from a “hiding spot.” If I had run a stop sign at a full intersection, give me a huge ticket, because I really could have hurt someone. Do I feel safer in my neighborhood because I was given a ticket? No…I would feel safer if the cars that are in hiding are driving down the alleys and through the streets, trying to stop real crime. I would feel safer if bike riders were stopped on the sidewalks—a daily occurrence. The officer was very polite, and poor him—he had to listen to me rant for 15 minutes—very frustrating on both sides.

Oh…and let me nip it in the bud…City council has not asked me to fill the vacant spot on council—thinking it’s because I live in the county and only spend half my life in the city. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure they would have.

I am wishing for all of you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! If you get tired of family, there is going to be a great show at Society Hall next Friday evening!