Valley Gardening: Reminders of how short life is

What a week…starting last Saturday with our “Helping Paws, with Peyton” Bake Sale! Words can’t even begin to express how wonderful the day was! I had talked briefly with first responders all over Alamosa and asked them if they could come by for Peyton. My thinking was that the vehicles would be large and bright and shiny and Peyton would be able to see them, with his limited eyesight.

Boy, oh boy, not only did Peyton get to see them he also got to sit in the ambulance and run the sirens—he really liked that! And then he got to get up in the ginormous ladder truck from the fire station—they had to stop him from pushing a couple of buttons there. Not sure what would have happened if he had.

Last but not least was the HUGE SWAT vehicle that came rolling up to the front of the store! Peyton was able to get in the back, with his dad’s help. And so did the other kids! To all you responders—police department, sheriff’s office, ambulance district and fire station guys—thank you, thank you, thank you!  You came…and you stayed! You made this day so special for Peyton and his family, and all of us! A memory forever.

Peyton raised, with our community’s support, almost $3,400 for the Valley Humane League building fund. If anyone wants to match that amount, it sure won’t be refused. The $3,400 tells you how loved Peyton and his family are—so loved!

On Sunday morning, Peyton’s abuelo (grandpa) Ken Sanchez posted a video of the day on YouTube.  Unbeknownst to all of us looking at the video, it was probably one of the last things Ken did on this earth. He passed away early Sunday afternoon. What a great record of this special day, that Kenny gave to everybody. If you knew Kenny, you would know that he wasn’t always so fast with his editing. I guess that’s what makes this video so special. Thank you Ken Sanchez!

On Monday my mother-in-law tripped and hit her head on a rock. Seems simple, but this fall claimed her life. I know that I have said it before…but do something special today. Don’t put it off, if you can. Three weeks before his passing Kenny posted a beautiful picture, with the following caption, “At twilight! Life is short and time is precious, smile, hug, tell family and friends that you love them every opportunity you get, 3 words ‘I love you’.  Wow!”

Back to gardening, or composting or recycling. For the past two years I have complained on Facebook about the Rickey Recycling Center not being open ‘til 6 on Saturdays in the spring, summer, and fall and also for not being open from 10-4 on Sundays—my suggestion. And also being open on Sundays during the winter from noon to 4. I don’t believe that I am the only one who would use these extended hours.  With the feedback on Facebook and from customers at the store, a friend wrote a letter to the mayor who forwarded it to the City Manager Heather Brooks.

The response was that “historically” only 3-5 clients would use the facility during the winter and so the decision was made to not “expend limited city resources” on extending hours. First of all, I must know all 3-5 folks who want to recycle on Sundays. Second…does the city even want input on hours? Who actually works for you, the people of Alamosa (because I live in the county)? 

When I tried to get an estimate on what it would cost to extend the hours, I was informed by email that “We are not running the numbers or evaluating which positions it would require” end of story! I was pretty amazed, disappointed, flabbergasted, but not surprised at this attitude.

If you would like extended hours at the Center, please give me a call with your name, or stop by the store and sign my VERY informal petition. My number is 580-7838. PS. Using my own figures, (because I couldn’t get numbers from the city), I am guessing $6,500 for a year on giving a part time employee 10 more hours. Giving the benefit of the doubt to evaluations costs, etc. let’s stretch that to $10,000—is that too much? About $835 a month.