Valley Gardening: RV park will help local economy

Well….I went to the meeting last Friday evening concerning the proposed Rio Bravo RV Resort. I didn’t say anything (I know, pretty amazing), until after the meeting, when I talked with architect Don Spencer.  I’ve listened, I’ve read, I’ve discussed, I’ve given it some thought.

To be honest, I probably will not ever get over the proposed RV park on the Polston property being blocked. I, and many individuals and businesses, believed that the Russells should have been able to build their vision on property legally purchased, as determined in a court of law. Am I remembering right when I say they were threatened to be tied up in court for two years, thus, putting a halt on their plans?  Not any credible lawsuits, but what they call nuisance lawsuits, I think. Oh well…..

Along comes another group of investors who want to create another RV resort, only different. I have to believe they have done their research, they have done their due diligence, they have met many, many times with all kinds of people, getting input on their ideas. I have to believe that they studied and looked at all potential sites and have decided that what they are working on is the best site for their investment in our community to work.

I am not worried about selling/swapping 35 acres of ranch land. It might seem like this is sacred land, but it isn’t. And yes, I have grandchildren that might want to go for walks on the ranch someday. I not only want “some” trails for them to walk on, I also want a VIBRANT downtown (including Lower Downtown Alamosa) for them to enjoy. I want a downtown that is more than legal type offices. I want retail businesses to move to downtown. I want Amazon and Walmart to go out of business, but that’s probably not going to happen. I want everyone to shop local and build our communities again.

I believe that a RV resort will not only bring in new money for Alamosa, but for the entire Valley. Isn’t that what we all want? What we need? New money?

I am hoping that architect Don Spencer reaches out to the Colorado State Forest Service (Adam) and/or me and shows us the entire landscaping plan. I was talking to him after the meeting because he kept mentioning Privet, as a privacy fence. I asked where I could go, in Alamosa, to take a look at Privet. I am not familiar with Privet, but he said it grew great in La Veta—which isn’t Alamosa. Adam had the same concerns.

I have seen so many landscaping plans over the years that have failed because they are drawn up by folks who don’t live here. The Valley is just different! I am hoping that the new Starbucks being built has a landscaping plan that is a step above what other business have done in Alamosa the past 5-6 years!  When you travel through larger cities there is a marked difference between what Alamosa gets for landscaping from big companies and what is done in the cities. It’s simply because we don’t demand more. We need to change that!

Last Sunday I got a great start in Mom’s Garden! I had a young man offer to help and I took him up on the offer. Thanks, Jake! We got half of the north side cut back and raked up—yahoo! I am willing to dig some some of the Blue-grey grass starts for folks—in exchange for a donation to one of my charities. It’s really a great deal!

With this nice weather we have been having, it was depressing to see the weeds growing already! It’s February, for crying out loud! We will be able to do some light hoeing and at the same time plant some California Poppies, Larkspur, and Calendula seeds, so guess it will all work out.

Meanwhile…I have 46 signatures on my very informal petition to get extended hours at the Rickey Recycling Center! I wonder how many I need. Do you ever wonder if it was someone else besides me asking, if it would already be a done deal? I wonder! Come on by and sign if you want. I am going to present it at the next council meeting—for what it’s worth!

Before I forget…remind me to tell you about the Giant Pumpkin Contests next week! The contest starts the 15th of April.