Valley Gardening: Shop local please

Wow!  I just had a phone call from _____________, telling me that I had said something nice in his defense, while talking to someone at City Market. My comments were repeated to this person, and he told me that my words came to him at his absolute lowest point. I’m not sure that I even remember any details, but the fact remains, I took time, and ___ took time to give me a call. You can make a difference! 

Meanwhile…it seems like the battle wages on, before it has even started…if that makes sense. We are going to be inundated on the pros and cons of the proposed development of a RV Park/Housing Development out by the golf course—should be able to sell more newspapers and that’s a good thing. I am waiting to be more educated and informed on the actual locations before I give you my valuable opinion.

I do hope that everyone who is against this economic development is a true local shopper. Nothing from Amazon, nothing from on-line shopping. Okay…maybe 10 percent online, if it is something you CAN’T find in Alamosa or the Valley. Facebook was smoking this morning, with comments against the development. I wish this same fury and activism could be directed towards the meth and heroine problem—maybe then a difference would be made. Time will tell.

I am pretty proud of Society Hall for shopping local! We recently purchased microphones and stands from Lightshine Music—thanks Bob! And we purchased a first aid kit from Rocky Mountain Home Health Supplies. We decided to buy our beer and wine from a local business, rather than wholesale. We get our posters printed by SLV GIS (Pete Magee), and then Pete gets them laminated at O&V Printing.

Speaking of O&V Printing—I’d like to congratulate new owner Sheila Bower. We have done business for 25 plus years with Bob Hackman and Sheila and now it’s Sheila and the same great crew. Enjoy your retirement Bob! Here’s what happens when you create these LOCAL relationships. I asked Pete Magee to make a poster for the “Helping Paws, with Peyton” event next Saturday, and he does it for free. And then O&V laminates it for free—three of them. And then Pete makes a master flyer, sends it to O&V and they print 120 of them for FREE—that’s what you get when you shop local! You support me and I will support you!

A number of folks have asked me about the Thin Blue Line flag that I have hanging under my American Flag in front of the store. The Thin Blue Line on black is a memorial or a connection or memory between officers killed in the line of duty and those who continue with their duties in the present. It stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers of this nation make each day.

I may disagree with the police sometimes, but I NEVER wish them harm and hope that they each go home to their families after every shift. For instance…regarding my ticket by the RR tracks behind Van Iwaarden Builders. I 100 percent believe I stopped. I believe I stopped in front of the pavement that is indented (sunken)—in a certain light it looks like a faded white line. And then, I went slowly through the stop sign. The video shows me slowly going over the tracks. Yes, I was videotaped. And so…I got a ticket, which I will pay. But I still believe I stopped and will carry that belief with me forever—a little dramatic, huh?? I still respect the police.

I just wish that we could use these same video cameras to film folks going in and out of suspected drug houses. Not to be used in court, but just to make drug dealers stop and wonder. Just keep moving the cars all over town, filming all kinds of neighborhoods!

Keep Peyton Sanchez in your prayers! He is up at Children’s Hospital (Friday) getting the latest report, and figuring out the next chapter of his life. He will be around this week passing flyers out for the bake sale next Saturday. (Help me out here, and please bring some baked goods over to Peyton.) Remember “Helping Paws, with Peyton” Feb 3rd 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Green Spot.

Gardening stuff SOON. Seeds coming in this week!