Valley Gardening: Support for cancer fund is amazing

Life is good in the neighborhood! Our fifth annual Memories and Reflections celebration was held on this past Tuesday. I still have a couple of Christmas trees to sell but it looks like the total raised for the SLV Cancer Relief Fund will be around $3,100. Money was donated by friends and families and customers of the Green Spot. Money was donated by cancer survivors and by folks still waging the battle. 

It is always so amazing to see folks who are battling cancer donating so others may receive the gift of hope. I’ve had folks call me crying, after they receive a check—because they were down to their last $5 and didn’t know how they would get to their next treatment. I feel honored to be involved and doing our small part in helping others—isn’t that what Christmas is about?

If you would like to help the San Luis Valley Cancer Relief Fund, I have envelopes at the store where you can send in a donation. Or, I have candle lanterns for sale, or they have Christmas ornaments for sale. If you need a last minute Xmas tree, I have 2-3 left with proceeds going to the fund. The SLVCRF is a 501C3 organization. One hundred percent of the money they raise goes to folks in the Valley. Their entire board donates their time and energy to keep this group going. Pretty amazing!

The SLVCRF has given out $22,500 to 77 individuals in the Valley this year, with a week yet to go. It’s not a lot of money by many standards, but it represents the hope and love from our community, helping how we can, and that is priceless. 

Meanwhile, we worked very hard getting our Xmas lights up around the Green Spot. And so, we will be keeping them up for a while. They are so beautiful, and peaceful. I think of them as winter lights instead of Christmas lights. Come by late in the day, take a moment and sit by the pond and just relax. Don’t get caught up in the rush of Christmas, take time to appreciate the beauty!

When you drive by the Spot, please take notice of my new flagpole—my husband Larry and Willie Wade got it installed for the 19th of December. That’s the date my Dad was captured by the Germans, 73 years ago. I chose to hang a thin Blue Line flag underneath to honor law enforcement officers not just police, but State Patrol, and ambulance, and anyone who works to keep us safe—especially on holidays. I may have to order another flagpole if it turns out that flag etiquette does not allow this flag under our national flag. Thank you Frankie Romero for your call and please keep me informed. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who works on the weekends, in the night, on the holidays keeping us safe. May you, in turn, be safe.

Did you know that each day is now getting one minute longer? Yahoo! And on January 7th we will gain a minute in the morning and a minute in the evening. It’s not much, but seems huge when you realize we have made it through November and December with next to no snow. I’m hoping that one of these days we get totally inundated with storm after storm. I know that it would be better if we got nice wet snows in March and April, but I’m hoping for beautiful powdery snow for the ski areas!

A couple of weeks ago, I was parked at Safeway—in the middle of the parking lot. When I got out of my truck I was approached by a woman who said “I am homeless, and just trying to get some money for a motel room tonight. I’m willing to sell my food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar, if you will help me.”  When I told her that that was illegal, she turned around, walked to the waiting limousine and drove off with two others. How do people sleep at night when they do stuff like that? And…who owns the new limousine service in town?

I truly hope that you all have a wonderful Xmas! Be thankful for what you have and teach your children to give.