Valley Gardening: The sad case of the disappearing trees, plants

Well….everything was pretty good in the neighborhood…UNTIL I went down State Avenue on Wednesday on my way to Tres Piedras to pick up flowers. I noticed that there was some new landscaping being put in by the airport but didn’t think much more about it until I was on 285 S. And then, I couldn’t remember if I had seen the Juniper trees or not. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t there, but in the back of my little mind I was worried. Off and on during my short trip I was thinking “who should I call” and “what a letter I will write about this.” But then I calmed down, because I couldn’t imagine that the trees were not there.

To reassure myself, on my return trip I came back down the same road to the south end of State and my fears were realized. The trees were gone. They disappeared, zippo, ceased to exist. I was sick! How could anyone have cut these Rocky Mountain Juniper trees down? For what reason? I’m thinking they were planted at least 30 years ago—maybe even 40. I can’t even imagine when they might last have been watered. They were just there—alive and green. I had been thinking how nice that they might get some residual drainage from whatever new landscaping was put in.

When I texted a friend with the county she immediately called me. She had been involved in the meetings (maybe just present), had not advocated they be cut down, but hadn’t fought for them either—if I am remembering right. They were cut down for “drainage.” After 30-40 years, I can’t imagine new drainage needed to be created. I can’t imagine why the snow couldn’t have been plowed into the area or rain (please let it rain) would have hurt anything by rushing into the tree planted area? Is this progress? Am I a tree hugger? I am sick that these trees were destroyed! Shame, shame, shame! In my humble opinion!

Meanwhile, I have been gardening, gardening, and gardening planting as many flowers as I can every day. The plan is to rework the drip irrigation at the Welcome Center and get their front areas planted this weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how many buckets of rock were pulled out of those little beds. Have the back planters mostly planted during the day and then some ---- pulls up a number of plants every night. I just don’t get it! They are not stealing them. They are just destroying them.  Guessing it’s time to spend the night, with my Taser in hand! Wouldn’t that be fun?

If you have driven by the store the past couple of months, maybe you noticed my billboard sign reflecting that we are carrying CBD hemp products. My first supplier was the SLV Hemp Company out of Del Norte, who recently opened up their own hemp store right next to Three Barrel Brewing. My second supplier has been the CloudCo Company out of the Mosca/Hooper area. I had no idea how many folks would be coming in to ask about CBD’s for any number of reasons. I have talked about arthritis, anxiety, migraines, neuropathy, diabetes, surgery wounds, lupus and more. All these people have been looking for ways to heal/help with their ailments, WITHOUT resorting to pharmaceuticals. It has been very, very gratifying to learn more every day about this amazing plant called HEMP.

This plant is a cousin to marijuana, but will NOT get you high. What hemp could do for the Valley in any number of ways is pretty amazing and I’m thinking I only know about 10 percent of the potential. It’s mind boggling what is going on in this Valley we live in. We all need to embrace it!

I was saddened to hear that Dorothy Romero passed away on Thursday evening. I know that she struggled for the past number of months and is probably in a better place, and no longer hurting, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Love and hugs from everyone in our community to the ‘Boogies’, as I remember her calling Jr. and Sr. You will be missed Dorothy.

The Peyton Sanchez family raised over $2,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation—even though they were rained out on Sunday. What does that tell you about the love felt for Peyton? Peyton is working on his card business and we will have a few simple Thank You cards for sale this week. He will also be working on his inspirational sayings as time and energy allows. What a great young man!