Valley Gardening: Valley Propaganda: your Heinous Ruthie

All is good in the neighborhood … although I did have a little twit try to break into the store on Thursday at 3:58 a.m., to be exact. What is wrong with people? I am thankful that my alarm went off and she (probably) only stayed for a short 17-second visit. It is just so violating! If I can get a decent picture printed up, I will be posting it in my front window — what else can I do?

I am extremely thankful to the Alamosa Police for responding to the alarm, looking at my video AND potentially knowing whom the perpetrator is. What I am sad about is they never take me up on ME using my Taser, once they find the little criminal.

If you want to see what happens when a large poplar is cut down, drive down Eighth Street and look at the huge one in about the 8-900 block, on the south side. The tree itself is huge, and even many of the suckers are full-size trees. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’m thinking there will be a bajillion sprouts off the tree roots. Keep this in mind when you plant Aspen, Cottonwoods and Poplars in your lawn. It is just a matter of time before they sucker out.

We got some plants in this week, and if I do say so myself, they are beautiful! One minute I think it is too-o-o-o early to plant anything, and the next minute, I can hardly wait. I guess I will get started on pansies and dianthus this weekend, and maybe some snap dragons and petunias. The petunias I will only plant if it is close to some rocks and they are small enough to be hugging the ground. I know it can still get below freezing, but I am willing to take that chance — gardening and farming are legalized gambling, don’t you know?

Many folks are planting onions, peas and potatoes this weekend. I’m not ready to do any of that, but I did have some help in Mom’s Garden this week and feel pretty good about planting some seeds in that area. On the north side of the garden, all the kochia weed and another weed (that I need to identify) have started growing like crazy. I expected these weeds, because I rototilled and added FoxFarm Soil Conditioner in the Fall. I knew weeds would be a problem. It’s usually a two to three year process before you get ahead of the weeds. We will get started on that process. Not sure if we will hoe the weeds or if I will spray or if I will rototill. The decision rests on how much help I get. Weekends go by so-o-o fast!

Starting at 7 a.m. last Saturday, those great guys from U.S. Tractor/John Deere helped Larry and I move some benches to the north side of Society Hall. That Scott Van Horn is such great guy —always willing to give me a helping hand.

‘Tis the season of the traveling tree salesperson. You know … the truck loaded with aspen that have been dug up in the hills. They have next-to-no root system and the root ball is too small to match the diameter of the trunk. I hate these trees! I hate to see where they are dug. 

If you insist on buying these trees, because they are $10, ask them what happens if you take the burlap off. Ask what happens if you just loosen the burlap as you plant it. Learn the lesson of “getting what you pay for.” And remember, for each inch of trunk diameter, the root ball has to be equivalent, by the foot. One-inch trunk diameter equals a 1-foot root ball.

There is a tree blooming in front of Colorado Sports — at least it was on Friday (before the wind). It’s a great little tree; I think it’s a pear. Although it has beautiful flowers, it will probably never bear fruit, as the buds will freeze. This tree is so much nicer than a crab apple because of bearing no fruit. I know I have written about it before, but NOW I am ahead of the curve, because Hopas haven’t started to bloom yet. If you want to halt some of the fruit production, get ready to spray when the blooms are at their peak. It makes a difference.

If you feel like putting in some time at Mom’s Garden, give me a call at (719) 580-7838, or stop by the Green Spot, and let’s have a cup of coffee.