Valley Gardening: Wind, snow, shoveling, quid pro quo

Wow… as I write, the wind came up and was just brutal. We have been shoveling and shoveling, trying to get the slush out of our parking areas, before the next snow comes.

Ya’ know, we have shoveled on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Day when we needed to, but yesterday I had a complete blanket on Turkey Day and didn’t even give our sidewalks a second thought. Our apologies to those who walked in front of the Green Spot, through the snow — it won’t happen again.

I am hoping that the City of Alamosa gives citations to all businesses who don’t shovel their walks in a timely manner.  Why should some shovel and others don’t care — same as the weeds? And, I also hope someone can decide who is responsible for the ramps on the corners. Try navigating downtown in a wheelchair, I double dare you.

We’ve all been hearing about quid pro quo’s in the news for the past few months (are you sick of it?). I figured out what that really means. It’s like when Kyle Woodward, of Woody’s Q Shack donates brisket for the party benefitting the SLV Cancer Relief Fund, then I help him with flowers and fall decorations. I was going to shovel the ramps out in front of his business Friday, but I’m hoping it all melted. Will be checking later. Once in a while I get a container of the best meat and beans ever for supper. Love that Woodward family.

Quid pro quo is when I can work with the guys at Square Peg Brewerks, again for the Cancer Relief Fund Party. They help me and I help them. So many folks come together for this wonderful event … I’m going to mention 2-5 every week, till the 19th of December. I keep thinking that is a long time away… but it isn’t!

The 19th of December is such a special night. It will be our 7th annual Memories and Reflections celebration. The Green Spot family provides the location and friends come out of the woodwork to make it happen. We build the glass shelves around the pond, with lights and garland. The store is lit up with Xmas lights in every nook and cranny. When you come to this party, we hope you will donate $10 (or more), light a candle and place it on the glass shelves. 

The candles are lit in memory of someone who’s lost the battle with cancer or to give hope to those that are waging the fight. We are hoping for 200 candles to be lit this year — it’s such a glorious sight, a sight to behold. The money raised is donated to the SLVCRF, which in turn, donates it to those who need help, all over our beautiful Valley. This evening is neighbors helping neighbors, as only the Valley can do. Please give me a call at 580-7838 if you have questions or want to help.

Before I forget … Kyle donates the brisket and we smoke the ham, but we are counting on all kinds of goodies from those who come to share the memories — potluck is such a great thing. More details next week.

I am so grateful for the donations from neighbors Dan and Carol Russell, and RD for the Flag Project. To break even, I only need $150 and then I can rest,on this project until spring. I am sincerely humbled by the veterans who have come by and said thank you, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of those who have donated.

Also, thanks to my old friend AK who donated $20, so that he didn’t (think capital letters) have to attend my memorial service. This money will go to the Peyton Sanchez goal of buying a wheelchair accessible swing for Cole Park. If you want to attend my Memorial (donate in advance), I am asking for $10 for Peyton.  Plus ones are another $10 — you get the idea. Last but not least, Peyton will have a few Xmas cards for sale towards the end of next week, but they will be limited in numbers. The cards will be here next Saturday.

In closing, if you are buying a Poinsettia anywhere, make the store wrap it up, or you will end up with branches and no red or green leaves. Trust me on this one.  Also, drive safe, slow down, and let the CDOT folks and all road workers do their jobs!