Veterans memorial taking shape

CONEJOS — The artistry of Pete Perea will soon grace Veterans Boulevard with unique flagpoles.

Silhouettes of the flag raising on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, will soon grace the road, with help from Conejos County.

Perea and code enforcement officer Donnie Martinez have been working on the plan for a while and brought photos of how the 6-by-8-foot silhouette will look. The men will be hoisting a flagpole with today’s U.S. flag.

Discussion by the Conejos Board of County Commissioners involved making the monument more visible. It was decided berms could raise them well above the road.

Martinez, with county road and bridge, will work with Perea on the exact installation.

The silhouette will be created in New Mexico and brought to Conejos, Perea said, and the commissioners offered to help pay the expenses.

Caption: This illustration approximates the memorial flagpole proposed at the end of Veterans Boulevard. It is being created by Conejos County resident Pete Perea with assistance from county government.