Volunteers build bat boxes

ALAMOSA — A generous donation from La Jara Trading Company provided funding for two bat boxes to be installed at the Rio Grande Farm Park early next year. Volunteers came together at the SLV Local Foods Coalition office on December 2nd to build the boxes.

Charlotte Ledonne said, “I had no idea bat houses were this large.” In fact, a single dwelling is able to host an entire colony of bats at 27 inches long and 7 inches deep.

The prospective Farm Park residents are vital for maintaining healthy ecosystems as they are expert insect hunters, plant pollinators and seed dispersers. Inviting bats to the land opens a community conversation about the often contentious bat-human relationship. The Farm Park is in conversation several local bat experts and will continue to do research, ensuring that this is a safe and beneficial project for all.

Those who are interested in future bat related events like the installation welcome party email Marlena Antonucci at [email protected].

Caption: Volunteers build bat boxes for the Rio Grande Farm Park./Courtesy photo